Best Posts of 2014 (Tony’s Picks)

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So yesterday I highlighted the best posts of 2014 as dictated by the internet, web traffic, and views. I have to admit: you all have impeccable taste! But what else is new: It goes without saying given you visit this site on a daily basis….;o)

Today I wanted to highlight MY picks for the best posts of 2014. You know, because, f-you internet! (And because it’s all about me, me, me, me, me, me, and ME!!)

That, and they’re all Batman approved.

Indeed a handful of the ones highlighted yesterday would have made today’s list, but I didn’t want to repeat myself. Instead I wanted to showcase some of the articles I’ve written that may have fallen through the cracks or were overlooked. Granted everything I write is Pulitzer worthy1, but here’s a refresher.

The Start of “Us”

Lisa is my best friend. Yep, it’s a cliche to say…but it’s true. She and I got engaged this past September and I wrote a little sumthin to celebrate the occasion.

It’s not remotely fitness related, but neither is 12% of the content on this blog.

Stretch the Tight

Stretching (in the traditional sense) has a time and place. It serves a purpose and is undoubtedly an important piece of the puzzle for many people.

That said, too many fitness professionals default to the mindset that a lack of ROM is due to short or stiff muscles. I’d argue the opposite.

How Deep Down the Rabbit Hole Do We Really Need To Go?

Why do we make things more complicated than they have to be?  To sound smart? To make ourselves feel better? Because we feel it’s “just the way things are?”

Especially with regards to assessment and the new “it” thing in the industry….BREATHING. How far outside our scope of practice should personal trainers and coaches go?

What We’re Really Saying When We Discuss Breathing

In conjunction with the previous article, here’s a bit more with regards to “breathing.”

What the Princess Bride Can Teach You About Dealing With Critics

We all have our critics. Sometimes we’re our own worst critic! But in general some people in our lives – or more likely on the interwebz – will always be haters.

Learning how to deal with criticism is an often important lesson in the fitness industry.

Why the Box Squat Is Overrated

Yep, I just went there. Before you grab the pitchforks and storm the castle, though, just read the article and hear me out.

Extension Based Back Pain is a B****. And What To Do About It

Flexion based back pain gets all the love. It wins Homecoming King every year, is the starting Quarterback, is voted best looking and most likely to succeed, and to add insult to injury, has impeccable hair and style. Ohhhhh, everyone loves flexion based back pain.

I fucking hate flexion based back pain.

NOTE: the above is completely satirical. Both flexion and extension based back pain suck donkey balls. I just feel extension often takes a back seat to flexion, and it’s important to understand that many, many people deal with former.

“Luxury” Problems vs. Real Problems

Are you fat? Can’t do a push-up? Can’t perform a deadlift without pissing off your spine? Well, maybe you should ACTUALLY address the real issues and not spin your wheels.

Rethinking Percentage Based Training

I flip flop on a lot of things. Percentage based training is something I go back and forth on all the time.

An Open Letter To (New) Fitness Professionals

This is dedicated to those fitness professionals whose sense of entitlement rivals Mt. Everest.

Confessions of an Introverted Strength Coach: Part One and Part Two

As an introvert through and through…..this 2-part series was something that was easy to write and something I feel a lot of people appreciated.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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  1. that’s a slight exaggeration if there ever was one. Next thing you know I’ll be saying I bench press 405 for reps (with one arm) or that I juggle chainsaws in my free time

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