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Tis the Holiday Season, and as such since it’s the end of the year (and my desire to write new content is on par with wanting to wash my face with broken glass) I like to take this time to reflect on things and post a handful of “round-up” articles highlighting the best of 2014.

Take a seat and let Uncle Tony tell you a story.

2014 kicked some major ass for I had close to 1.2 million people visit this site from all over the world which is 1) astounding to me and 2) just about the same number of people who watched the new Star Wars teaser trailer within the first hour of its release.

So, basically, people love me as much as Star Wars. The numbers don’t lie!

Not only that, but the site went through a significant re-design/face lift this past Fall – to rave reviews – and I have every expectation that 2015 will be every bit as successful. 2 million visits or bust!

In any case, as this week and the next progress I’ll be sharing some highlights from this past year as well as writing a little sumthin, sumthin on what I learned in the last 365 days. Don’t worry: I’ll try not to get too wishy-washy. I’m not one to talk about my feelings, but when I do it’s Oscar speech worthy….;o)

On that note today I’d like to highlight the most popular posts from this past year based off of web traffic and total hits.

A Response to Anyone Who Feels Deadlifts Are Destroying Everyone’s Spine

It all started with a comment left on my site which read:

“Your arrogance and writing style makes for an unpleasant reading experience.”

I was like, “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!?!??!” And then Bret Contreras and I went to town.  Enjoy.

What’s Wrong With Female Fitness?

Oh, not too much. Other than many (not all) women are programmed to think that lifting a weight heavier than their purse will mean they’ll grow an Adam’s apple, and that Jen Selter -who’s claim to fame is an InstaGram account where she does nothing but showcase her badonkadonk, literally – is considered a fitness authority.

How to Get Stronger

There are many means to accomplish any goal. Getting stronger is no different.

Still I think this is an area where most trainees tend to make things more complicated than they have to be. Many try to make it rocket science, when in reality it’s just a matter of memorizing your multiplication tables.

Simple is often what works, and what works long-term.

Sam Bennett Can’t Do a Pull-Up? He’ll Be Just Fine

For those who don’t know who Sam Bennett is – he was highly touted amateur hockey prospect who was drafted into the NHL earlier this year.  I think he was drafted within the first three picks, if not the top pick overall.

During his combine it came out that he couldn’t perform one…single…pullup. And the internet pretty much had a massive conniption and started stomping its feet on the ground.

This post was my response.

The Tenets of Fat Loss

An often highly debated topic, I decided to throw myself into the fire and discuss some of what I feel makes for a well-rounded “fat loss” approach.

Newsflash: People Lifted Weights Before CrossFit

There was a time where I was unabashedly a CrossFit basher. I’ve toned it down a lot in recent years. There’s still much about I disagree with, but I’d be an a-hole if I didn’t recognize all the good it’s done for the fitness industry. Especially with regards to getting more barbells into people’s hands.

That said, a week doesn’t go by where, when someone finds out what I do for a living, they say something like “that’s CrossFit, right?”

Um, no.

Should You Use Straps When Deadlifting?

This is the most recent article of the bunch that made the list. I wrote this one only weeks ago, but it quickly climbed the ladder and become one of the most popular of the year.

Thanks to EVERYONE for all their support and for making 2014 the most visited year yet on!!

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