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What’s Missing From Your Program?

Have you ever wondered why your workouts suck? No? Well even if you didn’t, chances are you’re not performing in the gym nearly as well as you could be if you actually took the time to warm-up properly. Yeah, yeah, yeah, like everyone else you don’t have the time to warm-up. You just put in… Read more

34 Years, 34 Favorite Things

I’m back in Boston after spending a few days with family and friends back in NY for Thanksgiving, and needless to say, my stomach is one massive ball of gluten. I’m not going to lie: I ate anything and everything in sight, and it was totally worth it. There’s nothing like going home and enjoying… Read more

Your First Clue You Shouldn’t Be Training People: Abs and Leg Press Day

Waaaasssssuuuuppppp!?!?! Didn’t think you’d hear from me until Monday, right? So, here’s the deal. It’s Black Friday, and like any woman within a ten mile radius of a shopping mall, my girlfriend decided she wanted to head to the local mall and drag me along to lower my sperm count check out some sales. Thinking… Read more

Scientists Prove That Exercise Doesn’t Work

Going to keep this one short today because I have a boatload of work to do before I head back home to New York for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I’ll be getting up early tomorrow to head to facility to take part in what’s now the 3rd Annual Cressey Performance Thanksgiving Morning Lift. For those not familiar,… Read more

Placebos, Barbells, and People Wasting Their Time

Sorry for skipping out on updating the blog yesterday. As you might have imagined, I’m still recovering from the weekend’s festivities. As I alluded to on Friday, it was my girlfriend’s b-day, and to say that the weekend was jam packed would be an understatement. We had all sorts of fun activities planned: early morning… Read more

Stuff to Read While I’m AT HARRY POTTER AND YOU’RE NOT!!!!!!!

GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!! Okay so today is my girlfriend’s b-day, and we’re spending the entire day in the city doing, uh, things. I’m pleading the 5th here for fear of whatever I may say will result in my man-card being taken away from me indefinitely. All I’m saying is that we may or may not be spending… Read more

“Deadlifts Are One of the Worst Things You Can Do For Your Spine”

Deadlifts Are One of the Worst Things You Can Do For Your Spine Yep you heard it here first – according to a local exercise physiology TA: Deadlifts are one of the worst things you can do for your spine. Last week one of the readers of this blog emailed me and couldn’t believe what… Read more

Q and A: How Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups Can Help Your Bench

Q: I have a question for you. My bench is moving up rather well (245 lb 1RM, 215 lb 5×5), but I’m still struggling with my chin-ups (can almost manage two in a row, chin over bar). Am I setting myself up for some muscle imbalances by continuing to increase my bench, or should I… Read more