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Mistakes Trainers and Coaches Make: Writing Workouts, and Not Programs

My good friend Mike Robertson ran a fantastic series of the same name over on his blog not too long ago (click HERE to check out parts I, II, and III), and given that I liked the idea so much, I thought what better way to show my gratitude than to shamelessly steal his idea…. Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday

1. Not to rub it in or anything, but as of tomorrow afternoon this is where I’ll be for the next five days, and you’re not: The El San Juan Hotel – the hotel we’re staying at in Puerto Rico Culebra Island – the place we’re going for one of our day trips Needless to… Read more

Before I Go…..

As of 6:37 PM last night, I’m officially on vacation. I didn’t even check my emails when I woke up this morning – that’s how “on vacation” I am right now. Nope, instead, I woke up at the butt-ass crack of dawn with my girlfriend and drove into the city to attend her Friday morning… Read more

Just Because

Last Saturday, prior to our staff lift (which we do around 2:30 PM, after clients are done training for the day), we decided to throw ourselves a little curve ball and do something out of the ordinary. While normally we’re pretty meticulous when following a program that either myself, Eric, or Brian has written, this… Read more

Cybernetic Approach to training

Something explaining how you always can’t program months in advance. People get sick, they get hurt, they have sore vaginas -Here’s some more fodder for your blog: I think I have a cold. It isn’t much and I’m not letting it mess up my first good workout since I’ve been here, but how sick does… Read more

I’m Going On Vacation in Two Days

Continuing with the whole “I’m getting ready for vacation, and I don’t feel like writing long blog posts” mentality, here’s a video that one of my readers (thanks Julian) passed my way last week. Assuming you made it through that entire video without wanting to jump through a pane glass window, here are a few… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work 5-18-10

With my brother’s wedding back home in New York this weekend, as well as Puerto Rico right around the corner, my plate is pretty full this week trying to get things done a head of time. As such, today is going to be short and sweet. Which is to say, here’s some stuff to read:… Read more

A Primer on Warming-Up

One of my biggest pet peeves as a strength coach is when people don’t warm-up (and dudes who curl in the squat rack, but you already knew that). Of course, everyone that trains at CP does their foam rolling and dynamic flexibility exercises prior to training – so in that regard, yes, they’re warming-up. That… Read more