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Before you read any further, do yourself a favor and check out THIS article by Adam Bornstein on What Type of Workout is Best?  Go a head I’ll wait.  I have to make my breakfast anyways, so I have a few minutes to spare. Besides, if you don’t read it, the rest of this post… Read more

Q and A: Hypermobility and the Olympic Lifts

Q: I’ve recently got into Olympic lifting, but my hamstrings are so flexible, I have no tension at the bottom and lose power. Also, my shoulders are unstable when I snatch and my wrists bend too far back when I push press, etc. I’ve just purchased wrist straps, but I’m not sure what to do… Read more

My Shoulder Hurts: The Finest Whine

Happy Sun’s Out/Guns Out Memorial Day everyone! Given that it IS a holiday – and the unofficial start of summer – I actually had every intention of NOT posting a blog today, and instead, do nothing but get my lift on and then follow that by eating copious amounts of dead animal flesh and high-fiving… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Holiday Weekend Edition

I’ve sequestered myself in academic quarantine for the better portion of the week getting my presentation ready for next weekend’s Spinal Health and Core Training seminar up in Edmonton (Canada) alongside the likes of Rick Kaselj, Dean Somerset, and Dr. Jeff Cubos.  Unfortunately, Megatron had a scheduling conflict. I’m pretty excited – and maybe a… Read more

The Perfect Warm-Up?

When most people think of what a well-rounded, bullet proof program encompasses, many will undoubtedly think of optimal set/rep schemes, rest intervals, what exercises to include (and in what order), and, of course, how many days per week they should train given their goals. Admittedly, all of the above components are important things to consider,… Read more

7 Simple Ways to Become a Better Coach

The other day while sitting through a staff meeting, we were discussing the incoming intern class and how we want to approach this summer’s staff in-service schedule. Every week one of the staff members sits down with the interns to talk about “stuff.” This can range from anything from exercise technique to troubleshooting program design… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: 5/21/12

Only 2 posts this week? I feel slighted. That was a comment left for me last week by someone who was a little “miffed” at me for my lack of blogging prowess. Believe me, I felt bad for only posting two blogs last week, but I think it’s because you’re all spoiled and are used… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Split Stance Low Cable Row

If you ask me there are only a handful of things in this world that people seemingly can’t get enough of: 1.  Cowbell 2.  Twilight (I’m still trying to figure this one out). 3. And in the strength and conditioning realm:  horizontal rowing. The first two are obviously pop culture references (if you haven’t watched… Read more