My Shoulder Hurts: The Finest Whine

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Happy Sun’s Out/Guns Out Memorial Day everyone!

Given that it IS a holiday – and the unofficial start of summer – I actually had every intention of NOT posting a blog today, and instead, do nothing but get my lift on and then follow that by eating copious amounts of dead animal flesh and high-fiving any serviceman (or woman) that I happen to cross paths with.

While I’m still going to do those things, it just so happens that my latest article on T-Nation went live, so I actually have some content to share today afterall.  Holla!

It’s about shoulders and how to go about taking better care of them. Trust me:  if you’re someone who takes the iron game seriously, and subsequently tends to have shoulders that routinely feel like they’ve been put through a meat grinder, this article is for you.

Pretty Much the Best Article on Shoulder Health Ever Written**

** = Give or take

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