Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Holiday Weekend Edition

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I’ve sequestered myself in academic quarantine for the better portion of the week getting my presentation ready for next weekend’s Spinal Health and Core Training seminar up in Edmonton (Canada) alongside the likes of Rick Kaselj, Dean Somerset, and Dr. Jeff Cubos.  Unfortunately, Megatron had a scheduling conflict.

I’m pretty excited – and maybe a teeny tiny bit nervous (I’m hyperventilating into a brown paper bag as I write this) – to have the opportunity to speak on some of the ways we go about handling spinal issues and core training with our athletes and general population clients at Cressey Performance.

My presentation is tentatively called Addressing the Core:  From Assessment to Badass. It’s either that or Your Back Hates You:  Here’s Why.  I don’t know, I’m still working with a few things, but I’m definitely leaning towards the former.

For those curious, in a nutshell I’m approaching this as a massive brain dump and plan on discussing everything from breathing patterns to squat and deadlift progressions (and a few things in between).  Hell I might even throw in a shadow puppet show for good measure.

Nevertheless, between now and next Friday I’m going to try my best to stay on top of putting up some blogs, but don’t hate me if I end up slacking in that department.  Like I said, I’m in academic quarantine mode, and I’m pretty much counting on doing nothing but reading, writing, and working on this presentation between now and then.

Oh look, Baywatch is on!!!!!

10 Hidden Expenses in Opening Your Own Strength and Conditioning Facility – Pete Dupuis

Pistol Pete makes his literary debut and goes into depth on what some of the “hidden” costs entailed when we started Cressey Performance.  Some are old, some are new……either way, it hopefully helps sheds some light to those contemplating opening their own facility.

The Truth About Cleansing and Fasting – Brad Pillon

With intermittent fasting all the rage right now, I felt this was a concise (and well researched) explanation by Brad on the merits of fasting and why those colon cleanse products that taste like sandpaper dipped in cancer are pretty much a waste of time (and money).

While I’m far from an expert on the topic, I will say that I have been toying with the concept here and there and think there’s a lot of validity to it.

For those looking for a bit more information on fasting and how to implement it into your schedule, check out John Romaniello’s Fat Loss Forever.

High School Strength Coaches: Don’t Make This Mistake – The Angry Coach

Don’t train high school kids like they’re adults

That’s the quote that summarizes this article, and I couldn’t agree more.

Many coaches (I did it too, back in the day) are quick to revert to smoke and mirrors when it comes to training their younger athletes, either for the “cool” factor or to try to impress the parents.  Look ma!  Chains!!!!!!!!!!

Listen, teaching a young athlete how to perform a proper lunge or push-up is going to be way more beneficial to his or her athletic performance than those silly agility ladders.  Above all, while focusing on strength should be paramount in terms of priorities (seriously, put those speed cones away), I’d also make the argument that taking the time to actually COACH your athletes ranks even higher.

I can’t even tell how many times I’ve had a high school kid walk into the facility boasting about his 405 lb squat, only to get STAPLED by 185 lbs because I forced him to actually squat to depth.

In any case, this was an awesome piece and I highly encourage you to check it out, and more importantly, forward it to your local high school strength coach.

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