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I’m swamped this morning catching up on “stuff.” And by “stuff,” what I really mean is buying advanced tickets for the new Harry Potter movie coming out in two weeks. As such, I’m sitting here in the office with my red/yellow scarf around my neck trying to write programs for today: Hint: only those who… Read more

The Anti-Tracy Anderson Women’s Training Group

The title speaks for itself. It sounds so much better than just saying “Women’s Training Group” doesn’t it? And lets be honest, we all know I get a sense of gratification anytime I can poke fun at Botox McMakeShitUp Tracy Anderson. Nevertheless, I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about a new… Read more

I Actually Have Something Important and Reflective To Say Today. Who Knew?!?!

if you’ve been reading my blog for any length time, you’ll know that there are a few on-going “themes” or ideas that I tend to address: 1. Hot girls are hot 2. Leg curls suck (sorry, you will never convince me otherwise) 3. Kim Kardashian’s badonkadonk should have its’ own zip code. 4. People have… Read more

Non-Monday Miscellaneous Miscellany (My Bad, Fight Night, and A Little Discussion on Hips)

1. In yesterday’s blog, I made a boo-boo. In short, I made a comment (about homeless people) that a few people didn’t take too kindly to-and looking back, I’ll be the first to admit that it was rather classless. Given the general tone of this blog, I often assume that most of my readers know… Read more

There’s a Movie Not Starring Jessica Alba or Megan Fox That You Should See. No Really, I’m Not Kidding.

Sorry, for some reason I can’t embed the trailer: CLICK HERE anyways While Food, Inc is nothing short of a spectacular social commentary on our food system (Hint: it sucks, but more on that below)- I can honestly say that no film, at least in recent memory*, has made me so angry that I’d want… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: 1-Legged Barbell RDL

What Is It: 1-Legged Barbell RDL (Romanian Deadlift)-red shoes optional. Who Did I Steal It From: Apparently the Romanians What Does It Do: If you asked me what most trainees fail to incorporate into their programming, it’s single leg work. Oftentimes, single leg work gets put-off or neglected altogether in favor of bilateral (two-legged) work… Read more

CP Goes on a Field Trip

It’s often been stated that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. This was never more apparent than this past weekend, when I decided to make a cameo appearance at my old stomping grounds-The Sportsclub/LA in downtown Boston. One of my clients still trains there… Read more

Let Them Eat Twinkies!!!! A Clarification

Last week, I welcomed everyone into my fridge (in case you were wondering, it’s still clean!). Predictably, a few people got their panties all up in a bunch when I stated that one of the keys to getting (and staying) lean is to make an effort to eat “clean” food. Specifically, I mentioned how I… Read more