Non-Monday Miscellaneous Miscellany (My Bad, Fight Night, and A Little Discussion on Hips)

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1. In yesterday’s blog, I made a boo-boo. In short, I made a comment (about homeless people) that a few people didn’t take too kindly to-and looking back, I’ll be the first to admit that it was rather classless. Given the general tone of this blog, I often assume that most of my readers know when I’m being facetious. However, in my caffeine free state yesterday morning, I exhibited poor judgement. For my own edification, I want to be clear that my own views DO NOT reflect that of Cressey Performance or it’s staff (unless, of course, we’re referring to guys who curl in the squat rack). Nonetheless, yesterday’s post has been edited, and I included a picture of Megan Fox to make up for it. Hugs?

2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks to Matt for sending me the link to this picture.

3. Last week, t-nation published an article that I helped contributed to titled Advice You Don’t Want to Hear. Check it out here.

4. Here’s an interesting article that someone sent me a few weeks ago about running shoes. Definitely blows the door wide open in regards to the multi-billion dollar shoe industry. I won’t go so far as to say that they’re a complete sham, but the article does bring up some valid points concerning the virtues of barefoot training. Read with an open/objective mind please. Also, I’m just the messenger, so save the hate mail.

5. Eric mentioned this in his blog yesterday, but I wanted to chime in and show some love for CP athlete Danny O’Connor as he attempts to run his professional record to 7-0 this weekend at the Roxy in downtown Boston.

I’ll actually be attending the fight this weekend with several other CP athletes/clients. Granted, the main reason I’m going is to support Danny and watch him dominate someone’s face. But I’m not gonna lie- this is also the perfect opportunity for me to bust out my fur coat and feather hat and heckle Danny’s opponent all night long- You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder! For more information check out Cappiello Promotions.

6. Q: Throughout various posts, you have discussed anterior pelvic tilt and how it is a problem many people have developed. I’m pretty sure I have developed it as well. Any chance on a comprehensive fix this problem plan? The tips you’ve provided here and there have been very helpful, but it’s hard to see how to put it all together. I’m sure your readers, many of who suffer daily with this horrible affliction (cue Sally Struthers) would appreciate it.

A: Without going into some funtional anatomy diatribe- in lamens terms four groups of muscles support the pelvis in anteropsoterior alignment. The low back extensors pull upward on the pelvis posteriorly, the hamstrings pull downward posteriorly, the abdominal muscles pull upward anteriorly, and the hip flexors pull downward anteriorly. With proper muscle balance, the pelvis is maintained in optimal alignment. However, with muscle imbalances, the pelvis tilts anteriorly or posteriorly.

With anterior pelvic tilt, the muscle imbalances include some of the following: weak anterior abdominal muscles, tight hip flexor muscles, tight low back muscles, and weak hip extensor muscles.

In my experience (and I’m being rather simplistic here, it’s always a little more complicated) the culprits are usually tight hip flexors (namely iliopsoas) and weak hip extensor muscles (glutes, hamstrings). What does this mean? Generally speaking, those who exhibit anterior pelvic tilt need to stretch what’s tight (psoas, and to a lesser degree the rectus femoris), and strengthen what’s weak (the posterior chain: glutes and hamstrings). A simple blog post can’t do justice to this particular topic, so I encourage you to read Mike Robertson’s article Hips Don’t Lie: Fixing Your Force Couples.

7. If this video of Matt Kroczaleski performing band deadlifts doesn’t make you want to head to the gym right now, then I don’t know what will. Awesome

UPDATE: After watching that video again, I just realized I need to go change my underwear.

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