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I’m swamped this morning catching up on “stuff.” And by “stuff,” what I really mean is buying advanced tickets for the new Harry Potter movie coming out in two weeks. As such, I’m sitting here in the office with my red/yellow scarf around my neck trying to write programs for today: Hint: only those who are obsessed with Harry Potter will know what the hell I’m talking about.

A1. Snape Deadlifts, 6×4

A2. Some random mobility movement. We’ll let the Sorting Hat decide.

B1. Low Incline Hogwarts Presses, 3×8

B2. Walking Mudblood Lunges, 3×10/leg

C. Bibbidy, bobbidy, blibblidy boo. I have a sneaky suspicion that sled pushes are in store for you. GRYFFINDOR!!!!!

Anyways, a few quick updates:

1. I made a cameo appearance on The Fitcast this past weekend where Kevin, Leigh and myself discuss post-workout nutrition, dieting mistakes, fitness industry jargon, and MJ (Pssssst, Alison……I don’t watch Fox News, it’s just called commonsense, but I digress).

2. If you look in this month’s issue of Men’s Health (ahem, pg. 42), I’m the featured expert with The 15-Minute Workout. On an aside, I just noticed that Nicole Beland is no longer the featured Girl Next Door columnist for MH.

I’m sad. However, on the bright side, I’m pretty sure this means I can officially ask her out since you know, we’re no longer co-workers.

Nicole, will you go out with me? Circle one: yes/no/maybe so/the restraining order is on its way

3. Congrats to CP client Danny O’Connor, who won his fight this past weekend and ran his professional record to 7-0.

4. And just because this is pretty much the coolest video, here’s Nia Shanks (bodyweight of 122 lbs), breaking the SPF national record with a 300 lb deadlift:

Nia is actually a really bright girl, and you can check out more of her stuff HERE. All I have to say is that we definitely need more women such as Nia telling other women that lifting heavy stuff is good for them. Also, word on the street is that Nia is going to try to make a trip out here to CP sometime soon- can someone say deadlift off?

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