Let Them Eat Twinkies!!!! A Clarification

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Last week, I welcomed everyone into my fridge (in case you were wondering, it’s still clean!). Predictably, a few people got their panties all up in a bunch when I stated that one of the keys to getting (and staying) lean is to make an effort to eat “clean” food. Specifically, I mentioned how I felt it was a good idea for people to fill their fridge and cupboards with more nutritious foods like lean meats, fruits, veggies, yogurt, sprouted grains, rolled oats, etc- as opposed to Ho-ho’s, potato chips, and Twinkies. The logic being: if the “bad” food isn’t there to eat, the likelihood you’ll eat it is zero, cause it’s not there! That’s what I like to call math people. Try it sometime.

For the sake of brevity, and to avoid the shit-storm that will invariably follow (let them eat Twinkies!!!!!!!), I’ll be the first to admit my lack of clarity. It was erroneous of me to suggest that one can’t eat Ho-ho’s or Spaghetti O’s to get lean. Obviously, that’s not the case. In the context of basic human physiology (and the Law of Thermodynamics), it most certainly comes down to calories in vs. calories out. Provide a large enough caloric deficit, lift heavy things, and good stuff will happen.

I like to think of myself as a “middle ground” kind of guy, and like everyone else, I too enjoy my pizza and ice-cream on occasion. Heck, I’ve even had a Skittle or two (bags) from time to time- I’d be a hypocrite to suggest that I never indulge in such foods. However, I don’t really see what the uproar is about. Is it really that big of a deal to advocate people try to make a more conscious effort to eat “cleaner,” more nutritious foods, while limiting industrialized fat, sugar, and other highly processed foods from their diet? I mean, it’s not like I’m suggesting that everyone go out and club a baby seal- or worse, wear white after Labor Day. All I’m suggesting is to, you know, stop eating shit every single day.

Besides, it really comes down to structure. The same people who tell me they’re able to get lean eating Oreos tend to be following a very strict diet which allows for structured refeeds and/or cheat meals. These meals serve a physiological purpose when dieting- increasing leptin levels, decreasing gherlin levels, boosting T3-T4 levels, etc. It takes a fairly disciplined individual to be able to follow such a diet. Unfortunately, the average American doesn’t have this same discipline, and the only physiological purpose eating a bag of Doritos serves is to stave off their boredom.

Again, my bad for using such a blanket statement to begin with. I DO realize it’s about calories in vs. calories out. But when I see people saying stuff like, “Tony you’re stupid. Look at me. I eat all the stuff you’re not supposed to, and I got lean,” I have to laugh. Sorry, but their n=1 study doesn’t mount to much. All it really tells me is that they like to argue semantics- not to mention are pretty naive in regards to what it’s like to actually coach people not over the interwebz.

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