Training Tips From A to Z

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Back in the summer of 2006, I read a book called The Alphabet of Manliness. Like all the great literary classics, it covered a breathtaking range of topics, from beef jerky to lumberjacks to Chuck Norris. All that was missing was information specific to muscleheads like us.

So I wrote my own A-to-Z guide, focusing on the issues we care about, from Accommodating resistance to Zatsiorsky, et al.

I updated the list in 2008, covering 26 additional concepts ranging from Asymmetry to, uh, a bunch of books I like. (It made sense at the time.)

Now I’m back with another list of the techniques and tricks that can make or break a workout program, ranging from Assessment to …

I guess you’ll just have to read to the end to find out. (No scrolling allowed.)

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