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Best of 2013: Exercises You Should Be Doing

Okay since it’s New Year’s Eve and this is the officially the last day of 2013 I figured I end the whole shebang with ONE last “Best Of” post.  This time around I’ll highlight some of the more popular exercises I introduced in my “Exercises You Should Be Doing” series. I don’t know what everyone… Read more

Best of 2013: Guest Posts

Continuing with the “Best of” theme of 2013, today I wanted to share some of the more popular GUEST ARTICLES I posted up onto the site this year. I was fortunate enough to have some really smart and passionate people offer to write for my site (and for free no less) within the last twelve… Read more

2013: Articles in Review

It seems everyone who has a blog or website is taking this week to run their annual “Year in Review” extravaganza, and I figured I’d take the opportunity to hop on that train as well. 2013 was a banner year for  It seems I was a writing ninja penning 190+ posts alone on this… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Rocked Back Adductor Stretch w/ Extension-Rotation

So I have to assume that for many people reading my site today one of two things is happening: 1.  You’re recovering from the chocolate and/or peanut butter fudge* induced insulin coma you put yourself into yesterday. Was that 11th piece of fudge really necessary? Yes, yes it was….;o) Or 2.  You’re covertly folding the… Read more

Are Unpaid Strength and Conditioning Internships Worth It?

Today’s guest post comes from Justin Kompf, who’s been a familiar face here on (he’s written a handful of other posts for this site in the past and I’ve always enjoyed the messages he delivers). Today’s post deals with a hot topic and something that’s caused a bit of a dichotomy in the “real… Read more

Tony Takes a Kettlebell Class

In keeping with the running theme of past segments like Tony Takes a Yoga Class (Part One and Part Two) and Tony Takes a Pilates Class, yesterday I added another adventure to my on-going exercise bucket list: Unfortunately, it wasn’t Tony Performs a Cannonball Into the Playboy Mansion Pool. Tony Takes a CrossFit Class will… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 12/19/13

Here’s this week’s list of stuff to read while you’re pretending to work. Paleo: The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Dani Shugart Here’s a joke for you: Q: How do you know someone is “Paleo?” A: They tell you. Hahahahahahahahaha.  Get it?   Oh man I love that one. Okay here’s the dealski:  I’m not a… Read more

Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip: The Warm-Up

Yes, this is an article on warming up (both the pre-lift ritual as well as how to warm-up for your main lift of the day). Yes, most people are going to read the title and subconsciously yawn. Yes, these are the same people (athletes included) who tend to get hurt more easily, have more nagging… Read more