Monthly Archives: December 2007

Have a Clue….

A word of advice to any personal trainers who happen to read this blog: KNOW YOUR CLIENTS and what they’re capable of. I accompanied my girlfriend to a local gym yesterday because she’s looking for something that’s closer to home. Oh, how I miss working in a commercial gym and the plethora of material I… Read more

Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess

There are only a handful of things in this world that really irritate me. 1. One is the fact that Paris Hilton is considered a celebrity. She can’t act: three words, “House of Wax.” She can’t sing: a rhinoceros passing a kidney stone would sound better than her. And she has no athletic ability other… Read more

Mobility vs. Flexibility

Surprisingly, many people mistake mobility and flexibility as being “one in the same.” In other words, they feel that if they’re flexible, they must have ample mobility (and vice versa). This couldn’t be further from the truth. Mobility: how a joint moves. Flexibility: length of a muscle. A perfect example demonstrating the difference between mobility… Read more

It’s Official….

As of this morning, I will officially be done with all of my Christmas shopping. I think my girlfriend is really going to love what I got for her. I mean what says “I love you” more than a years subscription to the Beef Jerky Flavor of the Month Club? I can’t wait for May… Read more

Form Phobia

If there is one thing that will totally discredit a personal trainer in my eyes, it’s lack of reinforcing proper form. I don’t care how long you have been training people, or how many letters you have next to your name. If you stand there and your client is performing an exercise with atrocious form… Read more

The Shoe Talk

There are a few things one will notice upon walking into our facility (Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA). 1. No foo-foo machines. It’s a place designed by athletes, for athletes. As well as for those who are serious about making a serious commitment to their long term health. Although we did break down and buy… Read more

Who Says Girls Can’t Lift Heavy Stuff?

This is a video I took of my client Tina over the weekend while she was training. A few things to note: 1. Tina works her ass off. Matter of fact, she once split her pants wide open while warming up to squat and even though she didn’t have an extra pair of pants, she… Read more

The Perfect Snack

Two words: Beef Jerky I can’t think of many things more perfect than beef jerky. Scratch that. Kate Beckinsale in a bikini feeding me grapes while I’m watching Star Wars in my private jet on the way to Hawaii would constitute as perfect. What can I say? I’m a man of simple pleasures. But after… Read more