The Shoe Talk

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There are a few things one will notice upon walking into our facility (Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA).

1. No foo-foo machines. It’s a place designed by athletes, for athletes. As well as for those who are serious about making a serious commitment to their long term health. Although we did break down and buy a treadmill a few weeks back. You know, to make the place look official.

2. Trainers/coaches/employees who actually look like they lift weights. Ever walk into a gym and notice that some of the trainers look like they could use a trainer themselves? It’s akin to the health teacher who smokes; who’s going to take advice from him/her?

3. Everyone wears Nike Frees or is training barefoot 50% of the time. One of the first things we do with new clients is to have the “shoe talk” with him or her. More often than not, people need to get out of their atrocious footware. Many postural issues and dysfunctions up the kinetic chain can be attributed to what someone is wearing on their feet while at work (ahem ladies: are high heels worth it?) and to the gym.

Nike Frees are designed to emulate barefoot training and allow trainees to learn to use the small, intrinsic muscles of the feet again. Additionally, they will work wonders in terms of improving ankle mobility, which as I stated above, will go a long ways as far as fixing any “issues” up the kinetic chain (ie: lower back pain, etc). On a side note: they’re super comfy and will totally help you score more chicks.

It should be noted that I don’t make a dime endorsing Nike Frees, but if there happens to be a Nike executive reading this blog, feel free to send me a check:

Tony Gentilcore

18 Rock Hard Abs Boulevard

Awesomeville, USA

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