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Best Articles of 2015: Exercises You Should Be Doing

This will be the last rendition of “Best of” anything for 2015. Unless I change my mind of course, and do a “Best Cutest Pictures of My Cat 2015” 0r “Best Shirtless Pics of Me While Washing Dishes 2015.” There’s still a few days left in the year, anything can happen. Note: Not a picture… Read more

Best Articles of 2015: Guest Posts

Outside of the unfortunate run of crappy weather (tornados, flood warnings, snow storms), Lisa and I are having some lovely adventures down here in Texas. We’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area visiting family and stuffing our faces with delicious BBQ In keeping with the “best of” theme from last week, I wanted to highlight some… Read more

Cardio For Meatheads

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas or start to their respective Holiday Season. Lisa and I are currently in the Dallas/Fort Worth area visiting family so I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from the website this week. Thankfully a few friends and colleagues were kind enough to pinch hit for me and provide some… Read more

Best Articles of 2015: My Picks

Yesterday I highlighted the most popular articles of 2015 as dictated by page views and overall traffic. Today I want to highlight MY favorite articles from this past year. Because it’s all about me, me, me, ME. I have no idea why the ones listed didn’t resonate the first time through. It’s probably all my… Read more

Best Articles of 2015: Reader Edition

It’s that time of year. The time I sit back, rewind, reflect, and highlight the BEST ARTICLES of the past year on I’m still amazed at how many people support the site and go out of their way to make it a daily ritual to check out. Thank you, sincerely, to everyone. I pretty… Read more

I’m Not a Businessman. I’m a Business, Man.

Any hip-hop junkie will recognize the title of today’s post. It’s a quote from Jay-Z. I’m in no way putting myself in the same company as one of rap’s biggest historic moguls, but I felt the title was appropriate given the context of what I wanted to write about today. It’s something I rarely broach… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/18/15

Oh, wait….what was that? There’s a Star Wars movie opening today? Huh, never heard of it. Okay, I’m kidding. This was more or less how excited I was when I woke up this morning:   Sadly, and I know this going to sound odd and result in me losing some nerd points, but I am… Read more

3 Ways the Kettlebell Deadlift Can Improve Your Barbell Deadlift

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Providence, RI based strength coach, Joe DeLeo. He discusses the kettlebell deadlift and why it can have a lot of influence on one’s performance with the barbell deadlift. Enjoy! 3 Ways the Kettlebell Deadlift Can Improve Your Barbell Deadlift The kettlebell deadlift can help you improve your barbell deadlift… Read more