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Exercises You Should Be Doing: Hinge Row

Mike Boyle was once quoted as saying: “Most trainees can never really do enough (horizontal) rowing.” I tend to agree. It’s no secret most guys (and girls) are mirror-centric, often training the muscles most easily viewed when staring into a mirror – pectorals, shoulders, biceps, abdominals, and the tranzipidous It’s also no secret most guys… Read more

Be Strong: Appearance on PT Pintcast

Sorry for my lack of writing prowess this week, but as you know FREAKIN STAR WARS COMES OUT IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!! And that’s pretty much taking up all my physical and mental fuel at the moment. I’ve been going through my various Star Wars apparel to figure out what I want to wear, and when… Read more

The One Thing Young Athletes Are Lacking

Spoiler Alert: the answer is . . . Resiliency. Not lack of coaching, availability of fitness equipment, or the support of overzealous parents who feel their little Jimmy or Tiffany could be the next Mike Trout or Heather O’Reilly. Continue reading my latest article on STACK…..

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/11/15

I’m taking the day off from training clients tomorrow to head to Ranfone Training Systems (CT) to listen to Dan John speak. My wife had to re-schedule a glass blowing class she had signed us up for months ago, because I was like “babe, it’s Dan John. Come on.” And I totally got out of… Read more

What It Means to “Pull the Slack Out of the Bar”

In today’s brief video blog I discuss what a coach is really saying when he or she says to “pull the slack out of the bar.” It’s a common cue, and one I feel tends to elicits looks like this from people receiving it: A blank, emotionless void. All kidding aside, it’s a cue that… Read more

Find a Winning Community: Spandex Optional. Why More Woman Should Consider Strength Training

People tend to perform best and feel their best when they know they’re a part of a community. Photo Credit: JD Hancock This sentiment is true in almost any context whether referring to AA, drama club, team sports, galactic Empires, or hell, even one of those super secret societies, like in the movie Eyes Wide… Read more

3 Squat Variations You Haven’t Tried Yet, But Need To

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake – or JVB as she’s affectionately called – a coach at The Movement Minneapolis, competitive powerlifter, and author (along with Jen Sinkler) of Unapologetically Powerful, a new resource designed as a go-to source for learning the “big 3” lifts, and removes the intimidation often attached at… Read more

Appearance on the Strength Doc Podcast

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited onto several podcasts in recent weeks, and all of them have been unique in the sense of their general flow, topics covered, and conversational approach of each host. Earlier this week I was invited onto the Strength Doc Podcast with Dr. John Rusin. It only makes sense our… Read more