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I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited onto several podcasts in recent weeks, and all of them have been unique in the sense of their general flow, topics covered, and conversational approach of each host.

Earlier this week I was invited onto the Strength Doc Podcast with Dr. John Rusin.

It only makes sense our world’s would eventually cross paths. Doc and I have a lot in common.

1) We’re both bald.

2) We’re both jacked.

3) And we’re both doctors. He = a doctor in physical therapy. Me = a doctor in being awesome. Same difference.

John’s a very smart guy, genuine, and someone who’s been providing a ton of excellent content over on T-Nation for the past year or so – to the tune of 1-2 articles per week at times.

The two of us had been going back forth about coming onto his show and the stars finally aligned earlier this week. Funnily enough, after recording the show he was like “dude, I’m so back logged and a head of schedule that my plan is for this to go live sometime in February.”

Later on that day he emailed me and was like, “I sent this to my guy (who’s a strength coach and physical therapist too) to be edited, and he’s so hot on it that we’re pushing it to THIS Friday.

Me: “holla.”

Being invited onto the show was an honor in of itself. But even more of an honor was the unsolicited remarks I received afterward from other coaches who listened in on the episode:

Tony I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your interview with John!”

Great job on the podcast man!”

Tony, after listening to your podcast it’s safe to say we’re BFFs.”

At the end of the day I just try to come across as someone who’s genuine in his own right, transparent (not pretend I know all the answers), and as someone who gives a shit about this industry.

I seem to be succeeding.

I’d love for you to take a listen, and, if you enjoyed the episode, please give Doc some love on iTunes and toss him a 5-star rating. He deserves it.

iTunes: HERE

Direct Download (non-Mac users): HERE

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