Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/11/15

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I’m taking the day off from training clients tomorrow to head to Ranfone Training Systems (CT) to listen to Dan John speak.

My wife had to re-schedule a glass blowing class she had signed us up for months ago, because I was like “babe, it’s Dan John. Come on.”

And I totally got out of it. Thanks Dan John!

1) A quick reminder that I will be in Frisco, TX on Sunday, December 27th doing a 1-day workshop on “The Athletic Shoulder” at Full Throttle Athletics. I’ll discuss things like upper extremity assessment (static and dynamic), why the term “shoulder impingement” is garbage, how to write effective programs around certain shoulder pathologies, coach up a few exercises, and probably talk about Star Wars. Because, Star Wars.

For more information you can go HERE.

2) Here’s your “Save the Date” for the next Motivation and Movement Lab hosted by Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC: Feb 20-21st.

I had a blast earlier this year speaking at this event, and am so honored I was invited back for 2016’s iteration (also featuring Pete Dupuis, of Cressey Sports Performance, Artemis Scantalides of Iron Body Studios, and Steven Ledbetter of

For more information you can go HERE.

Also, if you attend, be prepared to stay up late. MFF does not mess around.

Lets get to this week’s list:

Pitch-a-Palooza Brain Dump – Matt Blake

Cressey Sports Performance pitching coordinator, Matt Blake, attended last weekend’s Pitch-a-Palooza down in Nashville, TN and shared some things he learned while down there.

Shut Up and Get Strong – Eric Bach

Talk about a perfect title for an article, right? It pretty much reeks “Tony is going to like it.”

Reminds me of some others I read recently I really liked:

“He-Man is Awesome”

“Bacon Is Delicious”

 “A Research Thesis to Discover’s Ice-Cube’s Good Day”

Unapologetically Powerful – Jennifer Blake & Jen Sinkler

TODAY (12/11) is the last day to take advantage of the generous discount (half-off) of “the Jens” thorough strength training program.

Ladies: it has everything you need.

  • Detailed programming
  • Extensive (140+) video/exercise library and tutorials
  • Jen Sinkler’s famous lip gloss
  • And, I can’t stress this enough: what I LOVE about this product is that it’s not pretentious. The idea is to place a premium on strength, and not send a message of “Get leaner! Get toned! Burn fat! Lose weight!” Although, many of those things will happen. It gets people to work, and as a result a lot of cool things end up happening.

So whether you’re looking for a little direction yourself or maybe have someone else in mind who might benefit, take advantage now because UP goes up in price at midnight tonight.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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