Best Articles of 2015: Exercises You Should Be Doing

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This will be the last rendition of “Best of” anything for 2015.

Unless I change my mind of course, and do a “Best Cutest Pictures of My Cat 2015” 0r “Best Shirtless Pics of Me While Washing Dishes 2015.”1

There’s still a few days left in the year, anything can happen.

Note: Not a picture of my cat, but super cute nonetheless.

My Exercises You Should Be Doing series is always a popular one, and today I highlight some of the best “new to you” exercises/drills that I discussed this past year.


Hinge Row

This was one of the later editions to the series in 2015, but probably the most popular.

If there’s ONE lesson to learn it’s this: the shoulder blades NEED TO MOVE people.

Band Resisted 1-Legged Hip Thrust

Hip thrusts are an excellent exercise, but a humbling one. Here’s a more advanced variation I love using with some of my athletes and clients.

Hover Deadlift

Lack of getting (and maintaining) tension is crucial component many trainees fail to appreciate when it comes to cleaning up their technique.

This drill is a great way to help people not suck….;o)

Bulgarian Split Squat to RDL

Looking to spice up your single leg training? I didn’t think so.

But if you are, this exercise may be right up your alley.

Wall Windshield Wiper & Wall Walk

1. Both these drills are great at addressing scapular upward rotation, in addition to strengthening retraction and posterior tilt.

2. Also, these two drills, when performed correctly, will make even the manliest of men cry. I show-off these two drills whenever I speak and it never fails to get a good laugh from me at how humbled many people become.

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  1. Note to Self: This needs to happen. I smell a best selling calendar.

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