Best Articles of 2015: Guest Posts

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Outside of the unfortunate run of crappy weather (tornados, flood warnings, snow storms), Lisa and I are having some lovely adventures down here in Texas.

We’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area visiting family and stuffing our faces with delicious BBQ

In keeping with the “best of” theme from last week, I wanted to highlight some of the best guest posts from 2015. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of people offer their words of wisdom on this site and it’s always an honor to help spread their message.

In case you missed them the first time around, enjoy!

Lets Talk (Over) Conditioning – Jen Sinkler

Think you have to be swimming in a pool of your own sweat (and tears) in order to achieve a good conditioning workout?

Think again. Jen Sinkler explains why many people are (over) conditioned and why it’s hurting their progress rather than complimenting it.

Altitude Training Masks: Helpful Or Hyperbole? – Dan Hechler & James Darley

I saw a kid – 140 lbs soaking wet – at the gym today here in Colleyville, TX wearing one of these masks while bench pressing.

I wish I could have handed him this article. [And slapped him in the face for being that guy].

5 Mobility Exercises You’ve Probably Never Done, But Should – Dean Somerset

Dean breaks down FIVE mobility drills that will make your face melt.

3 Exercises to Help You Squat Deeper. Without a Single Mobility Drill – Tony Bonvechio

This article caused a bit of a controversy when it was first published.

How to Conquer Your Trigger Foods – Georgie Fear

When it comes to trigger foods…..

Rest assured, you have options besides a.) keep the cycle going and b.) kiss the food goodbye for good. Here’s how you can choose c.) turn it into just another food that you can choose to eat or not, in whatever portion you choose.

Rotation Helps to Battle SI Joint Pain – Dr. Erika Mundinger

SI joint pain is nasty fucker to train around. I loved this “outside the box” article that Dr. Mundinger put together after hearing her speak on the topic at The Fitness Summit in Kansas City.

Two Dudes Talking Deadlifts – David Dellanave & Tony Gentilcore

Look at the title and ask yourself, “why would I NOT want to read it?”

Diet vs. Habit Based Nutritional Coaching – Stevan Freeborn

Most people know that eating a bag of Doritos before bed isn’t the best choice if fat-loss/weight loss is the goal. People KNOW what not to eat. It’s not an education thing.

It’s ALL about how to help them better develop better HABITS.

Glutton Free – Jonathan Acosta

This article covers gluten.

But not in a way that’s going to wave its uppity, yoga class going, Prius driving, Whole Foods shopping, I-made-these-delish-gluten-free-chocolate-peanut-butter-brownies-sprinkled -with-fat-free-fairy-dust-that-you-just-have-to-try finger at us.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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