Be Strong: Appearance on PT Pintcast

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Sorry for my lack of writing prowess this week, but as you know FREAKIN STAR WARS COMES OUT IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!

And that’s pretty much taking up all my physical and mental fuel at the moment. I’ve been going through my various Star Wars apparel to figure out what I want to wear, and when Lisa heads out to work each day I may or may not be practicing lines with my cat, Dagny.

I play Han (of course), and she’s Chewbacca.


Tell me she doesn’t sound like a cute Chewbacca. Tell me. TELL ME!!!1

At least I didn’t dress her up or anything. I mean, it’s not like I’m one of those real losers who’ve been camping out at their local theater for the past few weeks in their Jedi cloaks.

Okay, in all seriousness I’ve been busy with a few other small projects this week and catching up on some article writing. I promise to have some new content up for you starting tomorrow.

I do have a little something for you today, though: my appearance on the PT Pintcast.

Don’t the play on words confuse you. It’s a podcast directed towards the physical therapy crowd, particularly PT students. The cool thing is that it’s recorded over a pint of beer (hence the name) and the host, Jimmy McKay, brings a very approachable and chill vibe to the show.

The only caveat was that I don’t drink, so we had to settle for me guzzling an energy drink instead.

I was honored to be invited on, and little did know at the time I was the first NON-physical therapy guest (episode #40) to ever make an appearance. No big deal.

It’s a brief interview – running a little over 30 minutes – but one I feel sends a great message to both personal trainers and physical therapy students/professionals alike: Know your role.

Go HERE to listen.

Confirmed 2016 Dates For the Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop


Dean Somerset and I are in high-demand for 2016, and we’re happy to announce two confirmed dates for our Complete Shoulder and Hip Workshop. More to come soon.

TORONTO: at The Wreckroom the weekend of March 19-20th.

SEATTLE: at Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance the weekend of April 9-10th.

Early bird specials apply for both (so act now) and CEUs will be available. And hugs.

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  1. Note to Self: I need to get a life

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