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Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 3/30/18

Oh, hello. It’s Friday. You know the drill. BUT FIRST…CHECK THIS STUFF OUT 1. Coaching Competency: DC Spots are still available for my Coaching Competency workshop in Sterling, VA in a few weeks. For $129 you get to hang out with me for seven hours, talk about assessment, program design, deadlifts, and LOLCat memes. This event… Read more

Lessons In Lifting From a Dad: Year One

My son was born January 31st, 2017. He’s a few days short of turning 14 months old and I have to say, at the expense of coming across a tad braggadocious, I’m pretty darn proud of myself and my wife: Julian’s happy, healthy, and has only been caught once running around with a pair of… Read more

Even More Becoming a Brick Shit House

Pat Davidson is the best interview on the internet. He developed one of the most badass training programs in recent memory – MASS – a few years ago, and the interview(s) he and I did – Becoming a Brick Shit House HERE and HERE – were the most popular in this site’s history. Well, he’s back…. Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 3/23/18

Oh, hello. It’s Friday. You know the drill. BUT FIRST…(STUFF TO CHECK OUT AND OTHER TIDBITS CURATED TO MAKE YOU A BETTER COACH OR HUMAN) 1. Coaching Competency: DC – Early Bird Rate Ending The Early Bird rate for my Coaching Competency workshop in the DC area ends THIS weekend (3/25). For $99 you get… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Renegade Push-Up

Push-ups are an underrated exercise. Meatheads scoff at the notion of adding them to their programs. “Too easy,” most will say. “Not not going to make me pecy enough.” Athletes roll their eyes at them. “Not going to get me to the show, bro,” they’ll retort. Au contraire I say. Do Your Fucking Push-Ups Yeah,… Read more

How To Maintain Your Back Squat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an arduous and delicate time in a woman’s life. To be a bit more colloquial…shit goes down. Shit goes down hard. I’m a firm advocate of strength training during pregnancy. It’s a great way to keep the body healthy and strong during those nine months, and to (hopefully) expedite the recovery process… Read more

Last Chance Early Bird Rate For DC Workshop

I’m coming to our nation’s capital. Well, close enough anyways. On Saturday, April 21st I’ll be putting on my Coaching Competency Workshop at Beyond Strength Performance located in Sterling, VA. I’m using the opportunity to post on my blog today because I’M THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD this week (ending on 3/25) will… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 3/16/18

Oh, hello. I’m in NYC! I flew down here yesterday from Boston courtesy of Equinox. I’ll be doing two separate workshops for a bunch of their trainers talking about shoulder assessment and how to turn their clients into a bunch of bench pressing and chin-upping T-1000’s. I still wanted to make sure I got this… Read more