Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 3/23/18

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Oh, hello.

It’s Friday.

You know the drill.


1. Coaching Competency: DC – Early Bird Rate Ending

The Early Bird rate for my Coaching Competency workshop in the DC area ends THIS weekend (3/25).

For $99 you get to hang out with me for seven hours and talk about assessment, program design, deadlifts, and LOLCat memes. Price increases to $129 after this weekend.

Go HERE for full details.

2. Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification

Registration for this highly competitive certification opens on April 4th. However, I’ve got some good, nay, fucking amazing news.

I’ve negotiated some awesome perks for you:

  • Early access to enroll on April 3rd (24 hrs before they open to the public), increasing your chances of getting in.

  • A huge discount (up to 33% off the regular price).

This is without question one of the best certifications any fitness professional can possess, offering incredible value and helps to separate you from the masses.

Go HERE for more info.

3. Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Coming Soon

Dean Somerset and I are currently in the throes of drumming up new content for our staple workshop series.

We’ve presented this workshop all over the world – London, Vancouver, Oslo, Prague, Boston, LA – and even turned it into a popular digital product HERE so everyone can enjoy it.

We’ve already nailed down dates in Slovenia, Houston, and LA this fall (2018) and are also in talks to bring it to Detroit, Philadelphia, Australia, and Singapore in 2019.

If you’re someone who’d like to host this event/participate in a tickle fight please reach out to either Dean or myself.

4. Cobra Kai – This Looks Fucking Awesome


I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I watched The Karate Kid when I was, well, a kid.1

I am PUMPED for this. I am 65% aroused.

Shout out to my boy, Chad Landers, who helped prep star (and 1980’s Movie Douchebag 1st Team All-Star) William Zabka, for this role.


Set Point Theory: Does Your Body Defend Against Fat Loss? – Brad Dieter

Brad’s one of the rare nutrition peeps I listen to.2

He doesn’t seem to have an “agenda” other than to go out his way to use science to back up his rationale for everything.

I dig that.

I think you’ll dig this article.

Can Food Have Negative Calories? – = dick puncher of nutritional fallacies and pipe dreams.

My Favorite 3-Part Turkish Get-Up 1 Minute Video Tutorial – Artemis Scantalides

Artemis is responsible for MY get-up and how I coach it to my athletes/clients. She’s the shit. You need to listen to her.

Social Media Shenanigans



Here’s a fantastic push-up variation I got from @smittydiesel that’s super challenging: Renegade Push-up. One of the advantages of push-ups and why I like them so much is their versatility and how seamlessly they can be progressed and regressed. Here I take away a base of support (an arm) and try to hold a 3-point position without allowing my torso or hips to rotate. This is a killer core challenge, and to be honest I’m gonna throw myself under the bus a little bit and say I should have tried to hold the elbow tap a liiiiitle bit longer. I kinda rush things in an effort to get to a more stable position. This is an exercise where slowing things down is paramount its effectiveness. Any sort of mild elevation will work here: and aerobics stepper, setting up the bar in a Smith Machine to the lowest setting, or anything similar. Also, totally cool to alternate which hand comes up; feel free to experiment.

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  1. And as an adult, lets be honest.

  2. It’s a short list: John Berardi, Georgie Fear, Alan Aragon, Layne Norton, to name a few.

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