Monthly Archives: July 2008

You Want More Tony. I Want People To Stop Eating Cookies.

So, I’m kinda late in writing today, but I figured better late than never. First off, I want to let everyone know that I started a new training log over at It’s going to serve a few purposes: 1. Give people the opportunity to see how I train and see how I set up… Read more

Why Not Both?

In co-hosting The Fitcast the past two weeks, there was one conversation in particular that really struck a chord with me. At one point, the gang happened to get on the topic of “what’s your training philosophy,” or “what does your training look like?” To be honest I don’t really remember the exact question because… Read more

Yes, I DO Eat All Those Eggs

Here’s something to ponder. Why is it every time I go through the line at the grocery store, the cashier, without fail, will make a comment like: “Wow, you eat a lot of eggs.” OR “Boy, you sure do like your vegetables. Making a salad for dinner?” OR “Sir, could you please put your pants… Read more

Random Thoughts (Fitcast, Jedi Gym, etc)

1. I made a cameo appearance on The Fitcast this week along with my friend Jen Heath. For those of you that don’t know what it is, The Fitcast is a weekly fitness and nutrition Podcast hosted by Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith. Kevin has done a fantastic job with it, and it’s soon going… Read more

Just Me Lifting Something Off the Floor (Ho-Hum)

Ever have stuff on your mind and you just need to lift heavy things off the floor? Tony + things on his mind + trance music playing in the background* + 550 lbs on the floor = OMGIAMSOAWESOMEGIRLSWILLWANTTOHANGOUTWITHMENOW *Dude, don’t judge me because I listen to trance while I train; or John Mayer for that… Read more

OMG! You’ll Hurt Yourself Lifting Heavy Stuff

First off, sorry I’ve been slacking on the blogging front as of late. I know everyone’s day is not complete until they’ve had a little dose of awesome, but I had some personal issues to tend to at the tail end of last week and had to take a little hiatus. And while many of… Read more

Sugarman vs. Carter (Violence In a Spinning Class, Someone Call Jerry Springer)

In our great nation’s history, there have been several lawsuits that have had a great impact on our society and have affected millions of lives. A few that come to mind (thank you Wikipedia) Roe vs. Wade (is a controversial United States Supreme Court case that resulted in a landmark decision regarding abortion). Brown vs…. Read more

Random Thoughts

We’re leaving for Maine this weekend and I figured I would just jot down a few random thoughts. 1. Ever get sick of people complaining that it’s their genetics holding them back? A perfect example would be the person who says, “my family has a history of heart disease, so I guess that will be… Read more