Monthly Archives: January 2008

Reality Check

Part of my job as a strength coach and trainer is to save people time. That is, to help people achieve the results they’re looking for in the shortest amount of time possible. Conversely, part of my job as an honorary member of the “Secret Society of Jedi Knights” is to be awesome and make… Read more

Reason I Think Yoga Mostly Sucks: # Infinity

Before I go on, please read the title of this blog post again. I think yoga MOSTLY sucks, it doesn’t completely suck. There’s a big difference. Matter of fact, the only things I would say suck 100% are illegal immigrants who complain when they don’t get free tuition, Keanu Reeves, and the fact that the… Read more

JB Makes My Job Easier

When I first started out in this industry, one of the first authors that I gravitated towards was Dr. John Berardi (JB). As a “newbie” in the industry I understood the importance that nutrition played in the overall progress of the people I worked with. In a nutshell, JB’s writing style appealed to me and… Read more

Quick Updates

1. I had a new article published on Testosterone Magazine earlier this week. Check it out: The 2008 Alphabet of Manliness. 2. There have been some slight technical difficulties with the site recently. Mainly the fact that people have not been able to leave comments. I “think” the issue has been resolved, so feel free… Read more


A client of mine sent me this link to an article describing a study on how protein keeps hunger at bay. In a nutshell, The researchers gave 16 people three different beverages, each with varying levels of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They took blood samples before the first beverage, then every 20 minutes for six… Read more

Obsession with “Cardio”

We have one treadmill at Cressey Performance, and admittedly it doesn’t get used that often. I think we bought it more so to appease our girlfriends than anything else. But to be perfectly honest, there is a legit reason why we only have ONE treadmill……we just feel that treadmills hurt people more than they help… Read more

Just Shut Up

A client of mine gave me the coolest t-shirt ever right before Christmas. All it said on the front was: “Shut Up and Squat!” What made this even cooler was the fact that she’s an avid runner training for her second Boston Marathon (and hopefully her last….wink wink, nudge nudge). Needless to say, I wear… Read more

Thank You Canada

You may be wondering why we should be thanking Canada. Well, I can think of a couple reasons: 1. It’s the birthplace of B-film actress Shannon Tweed- As a young teenager, I’ll never forget my first time watching “Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure” at 2 AM on Cinemax while staying at my grandmother’s house. I… Read more