Monthly Archives: February 2008

1985 Called. It Wants Its Pointless Fitness Accessory Back.

This is a picture I came across last week of actress Lisa Rinna. Many will recognize her as a past participant of “Dancing With the Stars.” To be honest I’ve never watched an episode of that show. However, back in the day I did watch “Melrose Place” religiously every week where she played a character… Read more

Is It Worth It?

Major League star, and first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers Prince Fielder stated last week that he is now a vegetarian. From the Milwaukee Sentinel: “It wasn’t always this way. Fielder used to enjoy a stacked burger or a juicy steak as much as any carnivore, but a few weeks ago he received a book… Read more

The Day After

This is Steph, a client of Cressey Performance who is in the midst of preparing for her 2nd Boston Marathon. As our resident Fashionista, it’s safe to say that Steph has an impeccable fashion sense based on the types of shirts she wears when she comes to train during the week. While most people preparing… Read more

“But I Don’t Want To Get Big and Bulky”

Are your ears bleeding yet? Cause mine do every time I hear a woman utter those words whenever someone mentions strength training. Note: much of the post below was part of an article I originally wrote for last year titled “4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know.” Newsflash, ladies: You will not get “big and… Read more

Carbohydrate Conundrum

Q: Tony, I know you always tend to advocate that people fluctuate their calorie (and as a result, their carbohydrate intake) on training days compared to non-training days. Can you elaborate on this a bit? I am trying to lose some fat and don’t know how many carbs I should be eating per day? A:… Read more

Scientist Are Really Smart?

According to this story published in Reuters Health a few weeks ago, researchers in Italy discovered that an individual’s body fat determines need for weight loss. “Measuring body fat, rather than body mass index (BMI), appears to more accurately identify people who need lifestyle interventions to lose weight, study findings suggest.” Wow, that just blew… Read more

The Sweet Taste of Victory

As a scholarship athlete, Jon works a few hours per week at the facility doing odd jobs for us. Some of his duties include cleaning equipment, picking up weights, and building stuff like our “crash wall” for the sprint track. Each day that he comes to work, there’s a list of “things to do” for… Read more

Exercises I Hate (The Leg Press)

Lets be honest. People tend to gravitate towards the leg press because, well, it’s easy. Warning: the video below is 32 seconds of your life that you will never get back and you may have a strong urge to pour battery acid over your eyes. I don’t know which made me laugh more. The fact… Read more