The Sweet Taste of Victory

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As a scholarship athlete, Jon works a few hours per week at the facility doing odd jobs for us. Some of his duties include cleaning equipment, picking up weights, and building stuff like our “crash wall” for the sprint track. Each day that he comes to work, there’s a list of “things to do” for the day. One day last week, one of his tasks was to go to the local Subway and finally ask the girl behind the counter for her number. You see, Jon had been going to Subway everyday for two straight weeks just to see this girl in action. And for two straight weeks all we would hear is “she’s perfect. I’ve never seen a girl handle roast beef like that before. It’s amazing.”

Needless to say, we took matters into our own hands and told him to go down to Subway and ask for her number. We even gave him money to buy his sub. I secretly recorded the conversation as it went down:

Hot Subway Girl: “May I take your order?”

Jon: “Yeah, I’m really hungry today. I just spent all day rescuing kittens from trees and helping old ladies cross the street. I’ll take my usual. I’ll also have a side order of your phone number.”

Hot Subway Girl: “Extra pickles?”

Jon: “That’s how I roll.”

10 minutes later we took this picture:

In Jon’s right hand is hot Subway girl’s number. Not only do we build strong athletes at Cressey Performance, but we mold them into charming bastards as well.

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