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Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday

1. I feel pretty motivated, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’ll make it my mission to write a blog every day this week. Of course, this has never happened before- mainly because I’d rather eat my omelet and watch SportsCenter in the morning than stare into a blank… Read more

Exercise Ball Pwnage

You would think that whenever myself and my esteemed colleagues exchange emails with one another, we do nothing but discuss important stuff like, I don’t know, lower extremity dysfunction and how it affects the lumbar spine, scapular downward rotation syndrome and the overhead athlete, or new and innovative programming strategies for fat loss (Hint: don’t… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday

1. Remember last week when I briefly wrote about The Dr. Manhattan Project?? Weeeeeeeell, I’m putting that project on hiatus for the time being. Get this- I weighed myself last Monday morning (when I was going to start it) and came in at a paltry 191 lbs. Unacceptable!!!!!! A lot of factors come into play… Read more

Q and A: Too Fatigued To Lift?

Q: How do you know if you’re too fatigued to lift? I always tell myself that not going means I’m just weak minded, but lately I wonder if there isn’t some merit in learning when you’re truly too fatigued to lift or if you just don’t want to go. A: Lets put it this way…. Read more

Guest Blog- Nick Tumminello: A New and Improved YTWL

Just wanted to share a really, really great article written by fellow contributer Nick Tumminello. For those of you who don’t know Nick, he’s quickly becoming one of the go to guys for innovative exercise ideas, as well as being one of the smartest guys out there in regards to corrective exercise and program… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Plate Loaded Front Squats

What Is It: Plate Loaded Front Squats (in this video I squat to a 13″ box, but these can also be done without a box as well). Who Did I Steal It From: the plate loaded front squat inventor guy What Does It Do: I LOVE to use this exercise with new clients for a… Read more

The Dr. Manhattan Project

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may remember that earlier in the year I did a little five week experiment titled Project Tony Gets Sexified. For those that don’t remember, or need a little refresher, click here, here, and here to enter the world of sexy. Fast forward a few months (not… Read more

The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Continues…….

No, I’m not talking about the RedSox vs. Yankees Instead, I’m referring to the never ending tug-of-war for the top spot on the Cressey Performance staff leaderboard. Specifically, the on going battle between Eric Cressey and Pete Dupuis for the best vertical jump this side of Rt. 128. As of 11:47 AM EST, Pete Dupuis… Read more