Exercise Ball Pwnage

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You would think that whenever myself and my esteemed colleagues exchange emails with one another, we do nothing but discuss important stuff like, I don’t know, lower extremity dysfunction and how it affects the lumbar spine, scapular downward rotation syndrome and the overhead athlete, or new and innovative programming strategies for fat loss (Hint: don’t get fat in the first place). While this is definitely the case 95% of the time, the other 5% is dedicated to making fun of guys who shave their chest hair, wondering when Tracy Anderson will realize she’s Tracy Anderson and go away, and/or sending videos of people getting dominated by an exercise ball.

Nothing says LOLROTFLIJSSAOMK (LOL Rolling On The Floor I Just Spit Spike All Over My Keyboard)) more than throwing a ball at your kid and making him cry.

*Thanks to James Garland for sending me the video. James came all way from Austrailia this past winter to hang out with us at CP for two weeks, and just opened up his own facility not too long ago. I highly encourage you to check out his website- he’s a definate up and comer in the industry. On an aside, you should email him about Crocodile Dundee. He loves that shit!

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