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1. Remember last week when I briefly wrote about The Dr. Manhattan Project?? Weeeeeeeell, I’m putting that project on hiatus for the time being. Get this- I weighed myself last Monday morning (when I was going to start it) and came in at a paltry 191 lbs. Unacceptable!!!!!!

A lot of factors come into play here. It’s summer, and I’m automatically more active compared to the the colder months (why do I live in the Northeast again????). Compound this with the fact that I’m on my feet 8-9 hours per day coaching athletes, not to mention loading/un-loading plates, and you can understand why it’s a bit of a challenge to keep weight on. Moreover, I’m an idiot and forget to drink enough water during the day- which obviously affects my weight. I’ll start coaching and four hours goes by, and it’s only when I head to the bathroom and start pissing what can only be described as battery acid, that I’m reminded that I need to, you know, drink some freakin water.

Needless to say, as of 8:12 EST, my weight is back up to 195 lbs. I suck a little less at life at the moment.

2. Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I’m pretty fanatical when it comes to movies. It’s not uncommon for me to send my friends links to upcoming trailers MONTHS in advance. Similarly, I’ll spend a lot of time perusing websites like rottentomatoes.com or imdb.com to fulfill my nerd quota for the week, as well as read reviews of upcoming projects. Furthermore, one of the highlights of my week is when I get my Entertainment Weekly in the mail and read it cover to cover. Surprisingly, I still have my man card.

Anyways, one of the movies I’ve been anticipating for quite some time is James Cameron’s new movie, Avatar. For those who have no idea who James Cameron is- he’s the guy who wrote and directed a little film you might have heard of- Titanic. Additionally, he’s also the mastermind behind one of the most bad ass franchises of all time- Terminator and Terminator 2, as well as Aliens. Needless to say, the guy is kind of a big deal, and I defy you to watch this teaser trailer and not molest your computer screen.

3. Speaking of movies- this past weekend I went and saw Quentin Tarantino’s new movie Inglorious Basterds. I actually took the girl I’m currently dating, cause you know, nothing says “I really like you” than a movie based around beating Nazis over the head with a baseball bat and scalping them. Anyways, we made an agreement. She’d go see the movie, but only if I agreed to take a yoga class with her next week. Awwwww, the things we’ll do to try to get to second base. My spine is literally crying just thinking about it. Stay tuned, this should be interesting……..

4. I’m fairly certain I have an un-healthy addiction to Chobani yogurt- as evident by the fact that I bought eleven containers of it yesterday at the grocery store.

Take a container of Chobani yogurt and add some frozen blueberries and just a smidge of vanilla protein powder and you have quite possibly, the perfect post-training meal.

5. The best idea…..ever.


6. Between myself and Eric, we have just about every exercise possible on our laptops- so if an online client needs further explanation about a particular exercise we program for them, we can just shoot them a quick video, and it saves everyone a lot of time. I had a client email me the other day asking me for a video on SUMO deadlifts, and as fate would have it, I didn’t have one. Weird. I did a quick search on Youtube, and came across this video

Not exactly the technique I was looking for, but academy award winning camera work nonetheless. My god, I don’t think Steven Spielberg could have done a better job. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!!!

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