The Dr. Manhattan Project

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may remember that earlier in the year I did a little five week experiment titled Project Tony Gets Sexified. For those that don’t remember, or need a little refresher, click here, here, and here to enter the world of sexy.

Fast forward a few months (not to mention a few trips to Cold Stone Creamery), I’m thinking about starting a new project titled the Dr. Manhattan Project. The premise is simple- take all of the same principles I established in the original experiment:

1. Maintain, if not build upon current strength levels

2. Drop down to roughly 7-8% bodyfat.

3. Improve tissue quality (i.e. practicing what I preach)

While at the same time keeping my body weight above 195 lbs.

Additionally, I’ll also take into account that I’ve been balding since I was 25. Hence, the Dr. Manhattan reference………..only with a lot less wang.

I’ll fill everyone in later today with a quick update on today’s training session. Maybe I’ll make this a weekly blog entry

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