The Greatest Rivalry in Sports Continues…….

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No, I’m not talking about the RedSox vs. Yankees

Instead, I’m referring to the never ending tug-of-war for the top spot on the Cressey Performance staff leaderboard. Specifically, the on going battle between Eric Cressey and Pete Dupuis for the best vertical jump this side of Rt. 128. As of 11:47 AM EST, Pete Dupuis jumped 36.9 inches- putting 1.1inches between himself and “Personal Trainer/Coach Eric Cressey,” who coincidentally, took the day off today- and will learn of this drastic change of events the same time as everyone else who happens to be reading this blog.

Undoubtedly, Eric will spend at least 30-45 minutes on the Just Jump mat tomorrow. And based on recent history, you can expect him to be on top of the leaderboard by Monday. Either that, or there will be a knife fight of EPIC proportions in the near future. Who needs Duke vs. North Carolina???

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