Guest Blog- Nick Tumminello: A New and Improved YTWL

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Just wanted to share a really, really great article written by fellow contributer Nick Tumminello. For those of you who don’t know Nick, he’s quickly becoming one of the go to guys for innovative exercise ideas, as well as being one of the smartest guys out there in regards to corrective exercise and program design. To be quite honest, every time I read an article he’s written or watch a dvd he’s produced, I undoubtedely learn at least five things I can apply to my own clients right away- not to mention I realize just how stupid I really am. Thanks Nick!!

Nevertheless, whether you’re a strength coach, personal trainer, or just someone who’s looking get more “gunny” weight room, I highly encourage you to read the article below (it links to Nick’s website).

To conclude my whole TRUTH about the YTWL Shoulder series. I wanted to do a recap summary of everything that was covered in my recent posts.

If you have already read/watched each post. Its still a good idea to read this because I’ve thrown a few key points that have yet to be covered. If you have not seen any of the TRUTH about the YTWL posts. I highly suggest you take a close look at each of the videos.

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