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Fitness Industry Hyperbole is Exhausting

We all know hyperbole when we see it. In general, it’s purposeful use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It’s often used in writing (and communication as a whole) to evoke strong feelings and reaction from the audience. These reactions can range from a chuckle and an “aww shucks” eye roll… Read more

Introducing: Strong Body Strong Mind App

I told you it was coming! Our app is now available. Our App: From Strength Coach Tony Gentilcore and Psychologist Dr. Lisa Lewis Most of you may already know that my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Psychologist (and household director of talking about feelings), has been my partner in our Strong Body, Strong Mind initiative: …to… Read more

Coming Soon: The Strong Body Strong Mind App

I’ve been woefully negligent with my writing prowess of late. But it’s for good reason. My wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, and I have been busy for the past few months developing a wellness/fitness app! Strong Body, Strong Mind The app is called Strong Body, Strong Mind and we firmly feel it’s going to be quite… Read more

Why You Need to Consider How You Breathe

This post covers breathing. (Cue the cavalcade of eye rolls) But I PROMISE I am going to 1) be brief, and more importantly 2) showcase why it’s important and why it will help you feel better, move better, perform better, and likely turn you into a Jedi Master Spartan Sex God of Minas Tirith. Deal?… Read more

The One Thing Many Lifters Fail to Understand: Easy Training Is Good Training

Forget the more esoteric nuances of things like Heart Rate Variability, the efficacy of cold baths, or whether it’s better to follow a concurrent or linear periodization training program for best results. For superior results in the weight-room I’d make the argument that the ONE thing many lifters fail to appreciate and understand is that… Read more