Monthly Archives: August 2008

Random Monday Thoughts (Except It’s Almost Tuesday)

1. So I read last week that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps eats upwards of 12,000 calories per day. Until you start training five hours per day, six days per week, don’t get any crazy ideas. 2. Why are you not reading my training log over at I’m pretty sure it’s been voted the most… Read more

Harder, Not Longer (Planks That Is)

In his book Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, Dr. Stuart McGill notes that when referring to low back stability, one needs to place an emphasis on endurance rather than strength training. As counterintuitive as it may sound, most people with chronic lower back pain, do in fact, have strong lower backs. The reason why they’re… Read more

Forced Repetitions and Why You’re Still Weak

Q: I asked this guy for a spot on my last set of bench presses and said I was going for three reps. He’s like alright lets do six then, I assumed he was joking, so after I did my third rep he helped me with the last three. So my question is, is that… Read more

USA Basketball and “Core Training”

In a world where we can get digital images from Mars, split atomic particles to be used as energy, develop cameras the size of the tip of a pen to explore the human body*, or any other host of technological wizardry you can think of (OMGILOVEMYIPOD); why is it that professional athletes are still doing… Read more

Random Thoughts (Vitamin D, Exercise Doesn’t Work?, and I’m Changing My Name)

1. There are two vehicles that drive fat loss; exercise and diet (thank you Captain Obvious). Everyone always seems to focus solely on the exercise part, particularly women who feel that 45 minutes on the treadmill is what’s needed to shed the weight. In all actuality, exercise isn’t that efficient when it comes to fat… Read more

Half Truths (Walk a Mile/Run a Mile…It’s All the Same)

Earlier in the week I wrote about stuff that I feel is overrated. I alluded to something that I feel gets mentioned quite a bit in the fitness community, and that I feel needs some sort of clarification. Namely, I’m referring to the notion that it doesn’t matter if someone walks a mile or runs… Read more

So Overrated….

I’m going to keep this short and sweet today, mainly because I don’t feel like writing a novel (my last few posts have been waaaay too long), but also because I’m typing this while at work. Hahahahahaha, company time. I’ve been tabulating a list of things that I feel are overrated. You know, just things… Read more

Protein Powder Will Kill You…..Ahhhhhhhh

As I noted earlier in the week, I was in Vermont last weekend for Cassandra Forsythe’s wedding. Myself, Eric Cressey and his girlfriend ended up staying at a local “lodge,” that while very peaceful and quiet, was literally in the middle of no-where. I’m talkin Deliverance middle of no-where. I was half expecting to walk… Read more