USA Basketball and “Core Training”

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In a world where we can get digital images from Mars, split atomic particles to be used as energy, develop cameras the size of the tip of a pen to explore the human body*, or any other host of technological wizardry you can think of (OMGILOVEMYIPOD); why is it that professional athletes are still doing crunches despite the fact that they’re a complete waste of time? It’s almost as if at times, the strength and conditioning community is living in an ancient bubble and is oblivious to current research and technology. I just don’t get it

Click on the link below and follow LeBron James as he leads a few members of the USA Olympic basketball team through a “core circuit.” Now excuse me while I go stab myself in the face with a machete. BRB.


Also, check out this week’s episode of The Fitcast with fat-loss expert Leigh Peele.

If anything you can listen to her make fun of me on how I’ll never get laid hanging out in the bookstore on a Friday night. Whatever, chicks dig nerds. No, but seriously, I suck.

*or strategically place in the girls locker room. You know, for science.

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