Protein Powder Will Kill You…..Ahhhhhhhh

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As I noted earlier in the week, I was in Vermont last weekend for Cassandra Forsythe’s wedding. Myself, Eric Cressey and his girlfriend ended up staying at a local “lodge,” that while very peaceful and quiet, was literally in the middle of no-where. I’m talkin Deliverance middle of no-where. I was half expecting to walk out the door one morning only to hear dueling banjos and squeeling pigs.

In any case, the gentleman who owned the lodge was kind enough to make us breakfast both days we were there and each morning 1-2 of his close friends would come in and join us and talk about the local fishing scene and just shoot the breeze with us. The topic eventually got on low-carb diets and protein (I think because Eric and myself were eating a ton of eggs and steering clear of the pancakes and muffins). An older gentleman, Frank, started to mention how low-carb diets are bad and that they’re unhealthy. This coming from a guy who was about 30-40 lbs overweight and on his third helping of home fries.

Eric and I just kind of looked at one another and rolled our eyes. I have learned to pick my battles, but Eric, having never backed down from totally dominating someone mentioned how one of the world’s premiere low-carbohydrate researchers, Dr. Jeff Volek, was in town as well, and he had published roughly 20 studies in the past year or so alone stating the contrary (go to and type in Volek and see what I mean). In fact, Dr. Volek and his colleagues have proven time and time again that diets low(er) in carbohydrates (as such, higher in protein and fat) have improved blood-lipid profiles, insulin sensitivity, and decreased one’s risk of developing type II diabetes and heart disease (to name a few).

Additionally, in his book, The TNT Diet, Dr. Volek goes into great detail on how diets low(er) in carbohydrates (particularly refined sugars, processed foods) and high(er) in protein/fat is actually a great way to drastically improve one’s body composition, as well as improve their overall well-being.

Obviously Frank didn’t like what he was hearing because this went against the grain of what all of his doctors have told him. You know, the same doctors that receive roughly one semester of dedicated course work on nutrition, and whom in a recent study found that upwards of 75% felt uncomfortable giving any nutritional recommendations/advice to their patients.

Clutching at straws, Frank then went on to say that “back in the day,” protein powders killed people and that the kidneys just can’t handle that much protein in the diet. At this point, I spit out my V8 juice and couldn’t believe what I just heard. If high(er) protein diets are so bad for us, how come there hasn’t been an pandemic of bodybuilders dying from chronic hyperproteinism? Yes, I just made that term up. You would think that if protein was so dangerous that we would have case after case of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast dropping like flies. Furthermore, there hasn’t been one study which proves that high protein diets cause any more undue strain on the kidneys than diets lower in protein. It’s a myth.

But what do I know? I’m just a simple man with biceps that have been licensed as lethal weapons in 18 states and charm that can lure the pants off a transvestite. You know, if I wanted to. I’m not saying I do, just that I could. *quickly thinks of something to change the topic* Ahhhhhhhh, protein kills you!

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