So Overrated….

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet today, mainly because I don’t feel like writing a novel (my last few posts have been waaaay too long), but also because I’m typing this while at work. Hahahahahaha, company time.

I’ve been tabulating a list of things that I feel are overrated. You know, just things that are either borderline retarded or make me want to kill myself with a bowl of anthrax and milk. A few examples:

1. Training to failure every set. Yes, I’m talking to you guy who wears his wife-beater to the gym and barely weighs 150 lbs. It’s dumb. Trust me.

2. People who think they’re smart and witty when they say “it doesn’t matter if you walk or run a mile, you’ll still burn the same amount of calories.” Bull to the shit. I’m definitely going into more detail later this week on this one.

3. The Cheesecake Factory.

Honestly, I just don’t get it. I’d rather eat a bag of Skittles with a bunch of illegal immigrants on the side of the road than eat at this overrated excuse of a restaurant. First of all, you have to wait two hours just to get in. Unacceptable. Secondly, the menu is way too big, and they skimp on their chicken when you ask for “extra.” Oh no you didn’t Cheesecake Factory! And while you didn’t hear it from me, I’m pretty sure they encourage their employees to kick puppies and push little old ladies down the stairs . But that’s just hearsay.* Do you really want to eat at a place like that? Think of the children.

*UPDATE: no it’s not.

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