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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: I’m in NYC Edition

First things first:  I have to give a brief shout out to one John Romaniello and his new wife Mrs. Neghar (formerly Fonooni) Romaniello on their freshly minted nuptials. I had the lovely honor of being invited to their wedding this past weekend (last night, actually) here in the Big Apple, and it was every… Read more

Cutting CrossFit a Break

There’s certainly been no shortage of scathing articles directed towards CrossFit, its brand, and its oftentimes cultish followers in recent times. I don’t know if it’s something in the water or because ObamaCare starts in less than a week, but it seems as if there’s been an influx of “CrossFit is the worst thing since… Read more

Beyond the Clipboard: 4 Keys to Surviving as a Trainer

A short while ago I was asked by the higher ups at if I’d be interested in writing a piece geared towards personal trainers.  In their words: “We really want to see a piece targeted toward personal trainers that teaches coaches to coach. It can be based on tips to run a successful personal… Read more

Reviewing the Cressey Performance Fall Seminar – Part Two

Yesterday in PART ONE I reviewed a little less than half the line-up at last weekend’s Cressey Performance Fall Seminar Today, in part two I’ll highlight the rest. The Role of Physical Therapy in a Strength and Conditioning Facility – Eric Schoenberg Eric is the founder, President, and all around badass of Momentum Physical Therapy… Read more

Reviewing the Cressey Performance Fall Seminar – Part One

You know the feeling you get when you demolish an ice-cream sundae so fast that you end up with one of those annoying “brain freezes” which makes you crumble to your knees in agony and forces you to make one of those weird, contorted faces that’s about as unattractive as unattractive can get? No? Well,… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/20/13

I know I’m going to come across sounding like a broken record here, but I’m going to repeat myself nonetheless. There’s only a little over a week left to take advantage of the early bird special for mine and Dean Somerset’s weekend workshop up in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on October 19-20th. The Boston version held… Read more

3 (Unorthodoxed) Reasons You Aren’t Getting Better at Lifting Heavy Things

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of the one and only Leigh Peele.  Leigh and I have known each other for about six years and in between co-hosting The FitCast together and exchanging numerous emails on Lord of the Rings philosophy we’ve grown to be good friends. About two years ago Leigh kinda fell off the… Read more

Are Speed and Agility Drills Necessary to Get Faster?

“I need my kid to be faster!” It’s a statement that I hear on an almost daily basis at the facility from numerous parents whenever I ask what their (and their kid’s) goals are moving forward. My business partner, Eric Cressey, wrote a fantastic blog post last year titled “Make My Kid Faster” so I won’t… Read more