Beyond the Clipboard: 4 Keys to Surviving as a Trainer

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A short while ago I was asked by the higher ups at if I’d be interested in writing a piece geared towards personal trainers.  In their words:

“We really want to see a piece targeted toward personal trainers that teaches coaches to coach. It can be based on tips to run a successful personal training business and what it takes to build a name for yourself. The personal training world is full of hacks and posers, but guys like you, who know what the hell you’re doing, can formulate a playbook to dominate the business.

It would be very interesting, to say the least.”

I wrote the article and submitted it to “my guy” with a side note which said, “I kinda went off.  I hope you can still use it.” It was one of those rare instances where, once I sat down to write, the words just spilled out and my keyboard took a beating. And, well, I don’t really remember much after that – I think I blacked out.

In any case, they did end up using it and below is the intro with a link to the rest of the article.

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I recently heard an ad on sports talk radio in Boston, that proclaimed the need for qualified personal trainers is at an all-time high (Thanks type II diabetes and trans fat!). The spot ended with this bombshell: “Certified personal trainers who get X certification, on average, earn a six-figure salary within …” I can’t remember how it ended because I was trying to avoid wrapping my car around a telephone pole from laughing so hard.

I don’t doubt that personal training is one of the fastest-growing professions. It’s simple enough to see why: People go to college, get an expensive degree, and then discover there are no jobs in their field. Many then opt to become a personal trainer because they like to lift and there are few roadblocks to halt their newfound passion.

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