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Should You Train Through Pain?

We live in a world surrounded by inevitabilities: Summers in Florida will be hot. Winters in New England will be cold.. People will perform stupid antics on social media (the latest being the Milk Crate Challenge) Additionally, if you’re an active person, particularly if you lift weights, unless you’re name is Wolverine, it’s inevitable you’ll… Read more

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Better At Lifting Heavy Things

“I haven’t come across anything yet that can’t be cured by getting stronger.” I heard this quote several years ago. I can’t recall who said it, but whomever it was was assuredly someone who’d make my top 10 list of people I’d want to hang out with. It stuck with me, and save for male… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/24/21

STUFF TO CHECK OUT FIRST I don’t have anything important to share other than a hilarious story involving my wife. Anyone who’s had experience moving knows what an utter abysmal experience it can be. To me, moving is about as fun as diving into a ravine full of broken glass. The boxes, the labels, maneuvering… Read more

Appearance on The Lifestyle Chase Podcast

Complimenting Others & Non-Confrontational Introvert Things My last podcast exploits took me to Edmonton, Canada where I had a lovely conversation with Chris Liddle, host of The Lifestyle Chase Podcast. Chris and I discussed elements of the health/fitness industry of course (my training, what I feel is a common mistake most fit pros make when… Read more

Success in the Fitness Industry: Reality vs. Expectations

Success in the Fitness Industry: Reality vs. Expectations People who know me well know how much I’m obsessed with movies. I enjoy reading about them (what’s coming out or on the horizon of coming out), debating them (what’s the better 1997 release: Boogie Nights or Good Will Hunting?), and whenever possible… …watching them. I’ll watch… Read more

The New Way to Generate Leads as a Coach

There’s no set algorithm to gaining and building a larger audience. It’s never been easier to be seen or heard in today’s world. We have any number of avenues at our disposal (and fingers tips): podcasts, social media, blogs, YouTube, cute kitty pictures. They all work. That said, it’s never been harder to get seen… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Spoto Press

Right off the bat some of you reading may be thinking to yourselves… …”wait a second. Since when does Tony write about bench pressing? He’s awful at it and has gone out of his way numerous times to say how much he hates doing them.” 1. You’re not wrong. I am awful at benching. 2…. Read more

A Tale of Two Squat Patterns: An Assessment Case Study

I know, I know. What a dry, bland, title for a blog post. But if I would have titled it what I wanted to title it: “That Time I “Fixed” Someone’s Squat In Five Minutes, BOO-YAH, God Damn I’m Good. And While I’m Here Bragging About Myself: Did I Ever Tell You About That Time… Read more