Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/2/21

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1. Strategic Strength Workshop – Philadelphia, PA

It’s been over 18 months since I’ve announced any IN-PERSON workshops. I’m elated to announce that I am coming to Philadelphia to put on my 1-day Strategic Strength Workshop

*Cue the trumpets*

My friends at Warhorse Barbell Club have agreed to host and I am so pumped.

The event will be in late September and you can take advantage of the early bird rate up until September 1st. For all the details and to register you can go HERE.

Hope to see you there!





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Mind the Gap: Improving Pressing & Stability With a Simple Cue – Dean Somerset

See those two teeny-tiny yellow arrows in the picture above? That’s what Dean is referring to in this practical post on how you can improve you bench pressing prowess.

It’s a common mistake and one I see often with lifters who come to my studio complaining their shoulder hurts whenever they press.

A Letter to My Younger Self, Straight From the Fitness Game – Lee Boyce

Wow, this was good.

So good in fact it may inspire me to write my own edition…;o)

Intuitive Eating: How to Make It Work For You (and Your Clients) – Julia Malacoff

Most people would rather jump into a live volcano that be told to count their calories. While it’s a necessary evil for many, another popular (less annoying?) option is the concept of “intuitive eating.”

Like with anything there’s a learning curve and it takes practice, but it’s something that works well for a lot of people (including myself).

Learn more about it in this post.

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