Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/24/21

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I don’t have anything important to share other than a hilarious story involving my wife.

Anyone who’s had experience moving knows what an utter abysmal experience it can be. To me, moving is about as fun as diving into a ravine full of broken glass.

The boxes, the labels, maneuvering the calendar around, the figuring out what stays and what goes part, everything, it sucks.

Alas, it’s going to happen.

We move in a week and have been packing up our things the past several days. As it happens, there’s been no shortage of “ooo’s and ahhh’s” coming across things/items we haven’t laid eyes on in quite some time.

As an example I came home last Saturday and noticed Lisa (my wife) had a few of her MVP plaques from college (volleyball) on the dining room table.

Me (looking at the plaques): “Huh, I see 2000 and 1998. Who was the MVP in 1999?”

Lisa: “Me, I already put that one away.”

(cue uproarious laughter from me).

My wife could kick Sarah Connor’s ass…;o)





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Strength Training Program Design Manual – Pat Basil

Pat Basil is the head S&C coach at Hamilton College and I have been really digging his content of late. He and I have crossed paths several times on social media and I love his perspective and approach to coaching. So much in fact that it prompted me to check out his stuff and I picked up a copy of his manual recently.

Full Disclosure: I get zero kickback for directing you toward this manual. I just genuinely enjoy pointing people toward excellent content.1

Flex Diet Podcast Episode #112: A Tribute to John Meadows – Dr. Mike T. Nelson

It was sad news to hear of John Meadows’ passing recently. I never met John in person, but it was unequivocally obvious how much of a genuine and kind person he was.

The world of bodybuilding and strength & conditioning will forever be in debt to John’s teachings and expertise. My good friend, Mike T. Nelson, recently dedicated an entire episode of his popular podcast to John.

Give it a listen.

The Only 5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight on a Diet – PJ Striet

Another gem from one of my internet man-crushes.

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