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Exercises You Should Be Doing: Seated KB Curl to Bottoms-Up Overhead Press

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve added a new exercise to the Exercises You Should Be Doing arsenal, so here you go.  How’s that for straight and to the point? What Is It:  Seated Kettlebell Curl to Bottoms-Up Overhead Press Who Did I Steal It From:  It just so happens that former CP intern,… Read more

An Athlete’s Approach to Optimal Eating

I’ve had a great run of weekly guest posts from various people in the fitness world as of late, and I wanted to keep the streak going with another one from Nate Miyaki. For those unfamiliar, Nate is a regular contributor at T-Nation and generally leans more on the nutrition side of things.  I’ve grown… Read more

Fitness Feeds: Spring Cleaning for an Amazing Cause

Yesterday my good friends Eric Cressey, John Romaniello, and Ben Bruno revealed to the world an awesome charity that they’ve recently collaborated on along with the good people over at Causes International. For those unfamiliar, Causes International is an organization which focuses on UPcycling, the process of donating your used electronics so they can be… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: Core Strength, Should Trainers Assess, and Bench Press Voodoo

You know that feeling when you go on vacation and you come back and go to the gym for the first time and it’s readily apparent that you were on vacation? Yeah, that was me yesterday after being away for over a week. In my defense, while we were down in Florida Lisa and I… Read more

Things I Used To Hate, But Now….Not So Much

Hate’s a strong word. When someone says they hate something they must really, and I mean really, have a strong disdain for whatever it is they’re referring to. For example, I’m typing this very sentence as I’m cruising 36,000 feet above the ground on my way back to Boston (from sunny Florida), and as everyone knows… Read more

Supplement Review: Supplements That Suck, Supplements That Work, and Supplements That Are Underrated Part II

Yesterday in Part One of this series Sol Orwell and the guys over at discussed a handful of supplements that they feel are about as useful as a poop flavored lollypop.  Which is to say:  not very useful. As a strength coach and as someone who’s routinely discussing supplementation with younger athletes and general… Read more

Supplement Review: Supplements That Suck, Supplements That Work, and Supplements That Are Underrated Part I

The topic of supplements is about as controversial as they come – right up there with homeland security, government deficit spending,  global warming, that silly ban on big gulp sodas in NYC, and trying to figure out who the best Spice Girl was back in the day. Scary Spice obviously.  No, wait…..Sporty Spice!  On one… Read more

Shoulder Training Tips: 6 Coaches Weigh in on Shoulders

This one is short and sweet today. We’re on a very, very tight schedule (spa, tour of the Mets training complex, etc)) and I was warned by Lisa that if she caught me on my computer she’d either Sparta kick me in the chest or force me to listen to nothing but Katy Perry on… Read more