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Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Greetings From Florida Edition

1. I’m in Florida as I write this – Jensen Beach/Stuart area in fact – and since my girlfriend and her mom decided to have a little mother-daughter “lets shop till we drop” marathon today, which I absolutely wanted no part of, I’ve had a nice, relaxing day to myself where I went to a… Read more

Muscle Confusion

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent this week.  Between fighting off this bitch of a cold, prepping for a presentation on posture and low back pain I’m doing at Bose Headquarters this afternoon, and tying up loose ends before heading off on vacation this weekend, my hands have been a bit full. There’s all of that… Read more

Bench Press Technique: Why the Hand-Off is Kind of a Big Deal

I know I’m a bit of an anomaly in saying this, especially considering I make my living as a strength coach and fitness writer, and you know, I’m a dude, but here it goes:  I really, really dislike bench pressing. Not that I think it’s a bad or dangerous exercises or anything. On the contrary… Read more

The (New) New Rules of Lifting for Women

I’ve stated this in the past on numerous occasions, but I’ll say it again:  I (and the fitness industry in general) owes a huge debt of gratitude to Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove for writing The New Rules of Lifting series. I believe there are five books in total; two more and JK Rowling will… Read more

Recovery Revisited: The March Madness Edition

Today’s guest post comes from certified personal trainer and massage therapist, Geoff Pritchard. Geoff actually wrote a fantastic guest post for me last year around this time (link below), and when he extended the offer to write a follow-up I accepted without any hesitation. I know for some, the topic of recovery is about as… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 3/7/13

And so it begins.  According to the weather reports, the east coast (Boston) is supposed to get hammered with yet another winter storm today through tomorrow. I’m looking outside my window as I type this and it’s getting a little suspicious for sure. But then again, we were supposed to get a 12+ inch storm… Read more

Squat Technique: Maintaining “Tightness” and Why It’s Important

Some of you may recall a video blog I filmed a few weeks ago where I discussed the importance of paying closer attention to the set up with regards to squatting. It’s a component that I feel many people glaze over, and something that deserves a little more love. Unfortunately, many approach squatting – especially… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Upcoming Speaking Engagement, Mastery, and #CPfamily

1.  I’ve got some pretty cool news to start off the week.  I’m heading home!  Well, to be more specific:  I was invited back to my alma mater – SUNY Cortland (which is ten minutes from my hometown) – to speak to a group of exercise science majors and graduate students. The game plan is… Read more