Maximum Strength

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My good friend Eric Cressey just released his new book titled, Maximum Strength.

Maximum Strength

Do yourself a favor and buy this book. As the back of the cover states, “most of the 23 million American men who lift weights do so to get bigger; unfortunately, many of them are going nowhere with watered-down bodybuilding routines that don’t help them actually get stronger.”

I’ve long stated that if people focused more on strength and actually getting strong(er) that the aesthetics will follow. Start training more like an athlete, you may actually start to look like one. Weird how that works, huh?

In Maximum Strength you’ll get 16 full weeks of top notch programming that will not only get you a helluva lot stronger, but I’m willing to bet you’ll shed a significant amount of fat as well, and girls will be less repulsed by you. It’s a win-win situation.

Think of it this way – what you have been doing in the gym just isn’t working. Chances are you still have a spare tire around your mid-section and your bench press hasn’t increased since the last time David Hasslehoff was sober; which by my calculation was around 1994. Following a body-part per day split for three sets of ten is just going to keep leading to less than spectacular results. Not to mention you’ll still be weaker than a baby’s fart. Oh snap! Click here and thank me later.

Note: Eric was kind enough to include me in his acknowledgments page for his book. To celebrate my very first acknowledgment in a nationally published book, I’d like to give an acknowledgment to my acknowledgment:

Tony Gentilcore would like to thank the following individuals whose invaluable help and complete awesomeness made this acknowledgment possible: Optimus Prime, Sgt. Slaughter, Dirk Diggler, Kate Beckinsale, Papa Smurf, and that random chick whom I made out with at that party back in college. I don’t remember your name but I…….wait what? Okay, okay you called me out on it. We didn’t so much as make out as hold hands. Alright fine! We didn’t hold hands either, we just talked. And by “talked,” what I really mean is that I said hi and she rolled her eyes at me and laughed. God, I suck.

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