A Good Week for CP

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It was a spectacular week for a few of our high school baseball players. Senior Sam Finn of defending Division I state champion Lincoln-Sudbury pitched a no-hitter with 13 strikeouts. Agonquin junior John McKenna threw a perfect game, which included 11 strikeouts. And Weston junior Sahil Bloom had 12 strikeouts in six innings in a tough loss while topping out at 91MPH with a few scouts in the stands. There really isn’t much I can add on top of what Eric Cressey wrote in his newsletter this week, other than to say that I am really proud of these guys.

Sahil was actually in the facility last night, deadlifting 315 lbs for reps (the day after a start). Both Sam and John will be in today and tomorrow respectively getting back to work. As Eric alluded to in his newsletter, it just goes to show what a solid training environment and a little attitude (along with some good coaching) can do for athletes.

You would think that with athletes from rival schools training alongside one another, we would have a West Side Story scenario with kids breaking off into choreographed knife fight dances (lead pipes optional). But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

These kids compete against one another on the baseball field, yet train together and push one another in the weight room. In fact, it’s not unheard of to hear about athletes attending each other’s games or coming in and asking us how “so and so” played the other day. To me, that’s pretty darn cool.

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