Nancy and the Boys

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This is Nancy last Saturday performing her squats to a 12 inch box. What’s cool about this video is the fact that it was Nancy’s first time using the “big wheels,” (AKA: the 45 lb plates). She started training at Cressey Performance earlier this year and up until that time, had never lifted a weight in her life. Now she’s banging out 135 lbs on her squats like it’s her J.O.B. And yes, I realize that the squats are a liiiittle high. It was her first time using the wheels, so cut her a break.

This is a woman who while on vacation a few weeks ago e-mailed me to let me know that she still trained while she was there and that she would be making it back in time for her training session later on that week; she didn’t want to miss it. I like using Nancy as an example because it just goes to show what a little attitude along with a kick-ass training environment can do for someone.

I mean the first day Nancy walked into the facility she was all about kittens and rainbows. Now she’s kicking homeless men in the teeth when they ask her for spare change and cussing like a sailor around the high school kids. Just the other day I had to send a note home with little Danny because he went home crying after Nancy called him a candy ass for not adding more weight to the bar. Sorry Mrs. Fisher!

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