4 Reasons to Join My Premium Workout Group

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Since it’s launch earlier this week I’ve had several people contact me to ask one simple question:  “How is the Tony Gentilcore Premium Workout Group different from any other product on the internet?”

It’s a very fair question, and I wanted to take several moments to answer it as thoroughly as possible.

Since it’s one of the first things that came up, I want to first address the elephant standing in the room.

Distance coaching has its flaws.

The obvious strike against it being I can’t be there to directly assess each participant for specific imbalances that may exist, nor take into account any specific injuries – past or present – that may throw a monkey wrench into things or impede progress.

To that end, writing an individualized program – something we do for every person who comes to Cressey Performance and something I do for whomever hires me through my distance coaching program on my website – for a massive number of people just isn’t realistic.  I wish there was some way to clone myself so that it could be possible, but unfortunately compromises have to be made.

Still, I think what most people are looking for in a program is structure and for someone to just tell them what to do.  Better still:  to be part of a group of people who are “in it” together to support and encourage one another. Part of what I feel makes CrossFit so successful is the sense of camaraderie they instill amongst their members.

Now, I am in NO way saying this program is close to CrossFit – there’s actually logic to how I write a program . But I’d be lying if I said there weren’t any limitations.  It’s just the way it is.  I’m just being honest.

That said, there are still plenty of reasons to join and why I feel it’s a good fit for many people.

1.  Access

99.999% (give or take a few thousandths of a percentage point) of the population will never have the opportunity to train with me or know what it’s like to follow a program that I have written.

I’m not here to brag, but I’m good at what I do.  I’ve been training people for over ten years and I co-founded one of the best training facilities in North America (if not the world).

Quite literally, for most, this Workout Group is the closest they’ll ever get to training with me or at Cressey Performance without actually having me by their side or actually traveling to Hudson, MA.

The way I see it:  this is a great opportunity to leverage my experiences as a coach and to allow people access to me. Here I’ll be able to show people – albeit not in an ideal setting – what it’s like to follow a balanced, well-structured, properly progressed program that will help then get stronger, move better, look better, and (probably) be able to win a street fight.

But don’t take me word on that.

2.  Price

The fact of the matter is:  a lot of people can’t afford personal training.  It’s not uncommon for commercial gyms to charge upwards of $70, $80, $90, and even higher for personal training services.  And that’s PER session. Even then you’re not guaranteed you’ll be paired with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Don’t get me wrong:  there are plenty of awesome trainers out there who are well worth the investment, but those are few and far between.

Bootcamps, boutique gyms which offer group classes, and semi-private training are generally more affordable, but still not cheap.

For what mounts to $1 per day, or $2-$2.50 per workout, you can have me in your corner guiding you along the way.

And you KNOW – especially if you frequent this site often – you’re going to get top-notch, quality content.

3.  Tech Features

I can’t discuss technology without tossing a shout-out to Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

Compared to the typical PDF format of most fitness products, the TG Premium Group has its perks.

– For starters the WeightTraining.com App makes following and logging your workouts a breeze.  Using your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or iTouch, you can log your workout as you perform them in the gym.

NOTE: the app will be available for Android users in April.

– What’s more the app allows you to format your workouts accordingly based off your schedule.

 And on top of that you’ll automatically receive email reminders to remind you to get your butt to the gym!

– And you don’t need the app to enjoy many of the other comforts that come with the site.  There’s an extensive video database that’s available to you as well.  Each program will come with videos which demonstrate proper technique for each exercise.  And, as I noted earlier this week, I’ll be posting unique video content on assessment, exercise technique, favorite recipes (<— not kidding), and I may discuss possible Star Wars plots (<— again, not kidding) every month.

Check out yesterday’s blog on front squats for a prime example.

4. Invite Your Friends!

One of the keys to succeeding in anything is to have a support system in place.

Want to do well in school – have a support system.

Want to do well at work – support system.

Want to kick-ass in World of War Craft – you got, support system!

WeightTraining.com is a community in of itself that’s designed to be INTERACTIVE and offer support…….and my group is no different.

What better way to keep you on task than to invite your friends to participate so you can suffer train together, encourage each other, and possibly talk a little smack?

Special Incentive

The first THREE people who sign up TODAY (1/22/14) will be invited to “hang out” with me during a Google Hangout in the near future where we can discuss the ins and outs of the program, any concerns or questions you may have about the program, any fitness related questions in general, and/or who our favorite characters are from The Hobbit.  It’s all fair game.

For more information and to register click the link below:

—> Click Me You Sexy Beast <—

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